This is Bill Gates’ humblest car

Bill Gates, as most of us know, is one of the richest people in the entire world. However, not everything in his life stands out for his luxury and value, today at Tork, we will show you the humblest car in the millionaire businessman’s garage. Slide and find out more!

Bill Gates is positioned as the fourth richest person in the worldwith a fortune of no more and no less than 106.3 billion dollars. This is due to being the creator, along with Paul Allen, of the Microsoft company and the operating system for computers, Windows. With the bursting of the dot com bubble, I became the tenth richest person in all of human history.

Much of his millionaire heritage is due to his fondness for luxury and speed. The entrepreneur has an impressive garage packed with models from top car companies, from Porsche to Ferrari and through Mercedes Benz. Within its collection, sports cars and even some electric ones stand out.

However, not everything is luxury in its windows. The most economical car of the computer scientist is the Ford Focus, a vehicle with a value of only 15 thousand dollars, an insignificant figure for one of the richest people on the planet. The most surprising thing is that Gates drove this model daily and even got behind the wheel of it on his last day of work at his Microsoft job in 2008.

The ford focus count with one 2.0L 4-cylinder enginewhich gives it a power of 130 horsepower. Also, run up to a speed of 250km/h and mark a time 5.4 seconds to reach clearance from 0 to 100 km/h. This car has 5-speed manual transmission in seriesand is positioned as the humblest model of the American.

It seems that the businessman does not always need such luxurious cars to demonstrate his enormous fortunes. Anyway, Bill Gates has other great machines like his Ferrari 348 and his Porsche Taycan, among others.

Bill Gates retired from his Microsoft job in his 2008 Ford Focus.

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This is Bill Gates’ humblest car