“Thief of the Argentine Nation”: Google’s explanation of the offending description of Cristina Kirchner

The Menlo Park, California company tied the flaw to an indexing problem and the source where its algorithms get the data.


Cristina Kirchner in Goolge

Cristina Kirchner in Goolge

“Early today we learned about this situation in the ‘knowledge panel’ of the former president and current vice president of the Nation Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, which was immediately reported to our international teams and was resolved in the course of the morning “, they assured in a statement from the Argentine subsidiary of the technology company.

“It is possible that this adjustment is not reflected immediately for all users because its update is progressive”They added from the company.

Until after noon on Sunday, some computers continued to reflect this offensive description of the official.

According to Google, the fault was in the ‘Knowledge panel’, which is the first thing that appears on the cell phone when one performs a search (on a desktop computer it is displayed in the upper right margin of the results). These are boxes that are intended to provide a summary of information on a specific topic.

The problem is that the search engine pulls this information from other public sites on the web. Among them, Wikipedia, a collaborative database that contains and catalogs information, in which anyone can enter and edit articles.

“Knowledge panels are automatically generated, and the information that appears in them comes from various sources across the web.”, they explained from the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

In addition, they noted that there are “data partners” what they offer “reliable information on specific topics” and combine that data with other “public web sources”.

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