They revive the incident of Luisito Communicates with a Lamborghini in Dubai and what he paid goes viral

The October 23, 2020 the mexican youtuber Luisito Communicates revealed a video on his YouTube channel where he addresses a costly incident he suffered during his then recent trip to Dubai in the company of his girlfriend Ary Tenorio. During their stay in the exotic country, the Latino content creators decided to enjoy the attractions and eccentricities that such a site offers.

It is precisely with the desire to find unique and extraordinary experiences for its subscribers that the poblano rented a Lamborghini Aventador 2020car valued at more than 11 million Mexican pesos (just over 600 thousand dollars), however due to an oversight when passing a high stop, it ended up causing two long scratches on the bottom of the chassis.

This exact situation is the one that has gone viral more than two years later after Luisito Comunica shared a fragment of said video on his fanpage of Facebook. On January 15, 2023 the travel blogger spread the fragment with the anecdote again and his followers on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network who hadn’t seen the clip on YouTube were stunned to discover how much he loved him. It cost the Mexican in 2020 to repair the two scratches on a 2020 Lamborghini Aventador.

Note of what happened in 2020: Luisito Comunica and the scam that cost him almost half a million pesos with Lamborghini Aventador

And it is that in addition to leaving an initial deposit of 6 thousand dollars as a guarantee for the rental of the car, Luisito discovered that the little joke cost him almost 400 thousand Mexican pesos, well paid 20 thousand dollars for scratch corrections in question.

It should also be noted that what happened to the influencer had something to do with his inexperience with these types of vehiclesbecause he drove it at low speeds, which in conjunction with the hot weather in Dubai caused the engine of the sports car to heat up, which is developed for high revs and speeds.

However, the internet character mentioned in the re-shared clip that he never received the verification notes for the car’s repairs, so he felt possibly cheated with the amount he was charged.

Luisito Comunica relives a video of an incident in Dubai that he released in 2020 and went viral in 2023/ Photo: Capture Facebook.

Since then, more than two years have passed, during which time the clip on YouTube has more than 13 million views, while the fragment of it that was recently published on Facebook in a couple of days has achieved more than 90,000 reactions, 4 thousand comments and 5.6 million views. Additionally, the publication on Facebook has led what happened to become a trend again on social networks.

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This is how the youtuber Mexican has managed to reposition a topic that occurred more than two years ago and that was also highlighted on social networks on that occasion. What a way to generate content and reach that of Luisito Comunica, even with ‘reused’ material.

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They revive the incident of Luisito Communicates with a Lamborghini in Dubai and what he paid goes viral