They buy a 100 usd car and sell it to Elon Musk for 1 million

Elon Musk doesn’t just own a car manufacturer; the tycoon loves cars. It is an Esprit that in the film was amphibious. Tesla’s owner used it as inspiration for his Cybertruck pickup.

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MEXICO.- While with Tesla promotes parameters to follow in an industry that is advancing towards electromobility, the tycoon collects gasoline models.

Among some jewels that he has in his garage, there is a film copy that had a lot to do with his childhood in South Africa: the lotus esprit who accompanied james-bond in one of the movies he starred in Roger Moore.

It wasn’t just another car.. East Lotus was a pretended amphibian that allowed the agent 007 escaping in the middle of a chase in the film “the spy who loved me”.

As confided by himself CEO of Tesla, the futuristic lines of that British model served as a source of inspiration to mold his latest great creation, the pickup cybertruck, one of the most promoted products of its brand and that has been almost three years late; now, they promise, it will be on the market in 2023.

There are several interesting trims on this sports car. One is the way the producers of the James Bond movie worked to reshape it and give it a real amphibian feel, back when the special effects were more analog and there wasn’t as much digital animation. Another is how it came into the hands of Elon Musk. Or better: how it happened to be a car from 100 dollars to almost a million of the same currency that the employer paid.

Elon Musk’s Lotus, the object of a business

Musk He has been doing accounts for millions of dollars for more than a decade. Tens, hundreds and even billions. So much so that a little less than a month ago she agreed to pay a fine of billion dollars for having broken the agreement for the purchase of Twitteran operation that had to be closed in a sum of 44 billion dollars.

The owner of Tesla, who even with shocks maintains the status of the emerging automaker that can threaten the great powers, may also have been the one who gained the least in the middle of a transaction.

In 2013 it was presented at an auction held by R. M. Sotheby’s and bought James Bond’s amphibious Esprit for $997,000.

The car in the film was called Wet Nellie. The one Musk bought was one of three Esprits used, the amphibian and two other conventional ones, but there were also seven other fiberglass shells; one of them was cut in half so that some of the scenes shared by Roger Moore and Barbara Bachyour beautiful partner.

To convert it, Wet Nellie was worked on by Perry OceanographicA company of Florida which endowed it with four propellers, batteries and four fins that were in the area where the wheels were originally. The modifications cost 100 thousand dollars.

The appointment was between September 8 and 9, 2013. Wet Nellie was lot 243, for which they were paid $997,000. The offer that won the bid had come by phone.

It was his own Elon Musk the one who confirmed a month later that the Lotus Esprit was in his possession. In such a way, he had satisfied the cravings of the six-year-old boy who in a movie theater Johannesburg he had seen that car go under with James Bond at the wheel.

He also anticipated, back in October 2013, that the “disappointment to learn that he can’t actually transform” in an amphibian led him to promote an innovation: Musk said, years later, that the Cybertruck is a monstrous version of that car. Meanwhile, Wet Nellie became part of his collection, along with a Ford T and a 1967 Jaguar E-Typeamong other jewels. But the Lotus Esprit is above all.

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They buy a 100 usd car and sell it to Elon Musk for 1 million