These are the prices of Starlink in Mexico, Elon Musk’s internet service

Is there something in which Elon Musk not involved? He’s been gaining ground in the automotive industry for quite some time with Tesla, he also has his own aerospace company, SpaceX, and even launched his own tequila (yes, no kidding, HERE you can check it). However, the South African entrepreneur and tycoon continues to look for a way to position other products around the world, such is the case of Starlink, its internet service that, after a long wait, finally arrives in Mexico.

It was in mid-June 2021 that we learned that Musk sought to promote this new satellite network offer in our country (HERE the note). After one or another obstacle, finally obtained the permits from the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) to set up all its infrastructure in Mexican territory. After this news, only the date and the prices of the service were pending, and if you want to hire it, get ready because nothing cheap will come out.

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We already have the prices and how to contract Starlink in Mexico

According to the official Starlink website, to contract Elon Musk’s internet service in Mexico, the first thing they must do is enter the company’s website (Over here You can come in). There, They will have to write the zip code where you intend to install the service and verify that that same location has coverage. Once you have confirmed that it is available in your home, apartment or office, the next thing to do is click on “order” and there you will see all the prices.

It should be noted that Musk’s company offers speeds between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps, you must choose the option that suits you best. But going back to prices, it is at this point that many will probably remain with the square eye, because despite the fact that until now it will be the same in Mexico, there are different points to consider. The first is that The equipment costs 11,590 pesos, the monthly service is 2,299 pesos and the shipment comes out in 1,420 morlacos mexas.

Starlink is here: Elon Musk will now be able to offer his internet service in Mexico

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There is another price to consider

Yes, as they read it, hiring Starlink in our country will cost 15,300 Mexican pesos. At this point it is also important to mention that in order to have access to Elon Musk’s internet service, users will have to pay another 2,299 pesos for delivery of the company kit, which includes a Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables for installation, and a mounting tripod. Although of course, it must be remembered that the service is subject to availability.

Last but not least, we must tell you that for it to work properly, The company mentions that they must install the device with a clear view of the sky and without anything else that hinders it so that it is easier to connect it directly to the satellite, so they should consider all these factors when hiring it. As you can see? Have you been encouraged to enter the service that Musk is offering in our country? Do you fancy having this team at home to watch TikTok memes and videos?

These are the prices of Starlink in Mexico, Elon Musk's internet service

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These are the prices of Starlink in Mexico, Elon Musk’s internet service