The vacations of the billionaire Bezos: his girlfriend, his new 500 million boat and Mallorca

He arrived on the island in a private plane.


Recently assembled in Holland, the Koru megayacht is 127 meters long and has three 70-meter masts and had been waiting for him in Palma for a month. The tycoon arrived by private plane on Monday and sailed through the West of the Island

Bezos and Sánchez, aboard their ship, in Mallorca.GTRES
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To the owner of Amazon his last purchase It has not arrived by courier. Quite the contrary: it was he who had to be airborne to be able to release his whim, his brand new 500 million megayacht of dollars. A boat so big and so spectacular who needs an auxiliary yacht of more than 70 meters with heliport to receive their guests.

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Jeff Bezos (59) arrived to Majorca on Monday past in private plane. He landed with his girlfriend, the journalist and presenterLauren Sanchez (53). I was waiting for you there his retinue, unloaded their luggage-including the Dolce & Gabbana clothing covers-and led them by helicopter to a place on the Majorcan coast, to the west of the island, near Portals, one of the enclaves where the big yachts in summer season.

Another perspective of the Bezos ship.
Another perspective of the Bezos ship.GTRES

The helicopter landed on a special boat that escorts to the new superyacht of the great American tycoon, a second support yacht called Abeona that follow his trail like a shadow. From there, they were finally able to jump on the side of the Koru, the newly built ship for Bezos at the Dutch Oceanco shipyards.

The Koru is a majestic schooner 127 meters long, with three masts that climb up to 70 meters high and all kinds of luxuries on board, like a big pool. The steering wheel is almost as tall as the entrepreneur himself.

The one who has been for years the richest man on the planet was received by the crew (on the ship about 40 people work) and had to spend a long time viewing all rooms and decks of his megayacht, docked for a month in Palma waiting for your stealthy arrival. It was her first contact with the ship after her launching.

The couple, in Ibiza.
The couple, in Ibiza.GTRES

Curiously, during his stay in a Palma dock he has come to be dockedor next to the ship of the founder of AliExpress, an Amazon-like company that dominates the Asian market. Its owner reappeared in Mallorca last year after a long season out of the spotlight, and I was dazzled by the island. Jack Ma’s boat, called Zen, measures 80 meters and worth 200 million. It is ostensibly smaller than that of Bezos.

It’s not your first time

Jeff Bezos I had already discovered the Mallorcan coast in 2019, when he sailed aboard the Rising Sun, the yacht of his friend and film producer david geffen.

In his first days launching the Koru, the tycoon and his partner enjoyed the sunsets. Sánchez herself uploaded the image of the sunset on the beach of Illetes, a cove close to Palma, a historic military area and a very popular anchorage among the people of Palma. It is not a virgin place, it is a usually crowded beach, although not on these still spring dates.

They are accompanied on board some friends that will be added to his voyage.

After sailing the Majorcan waters for a few days, the owner of the Washington Postwhose fortune is estimated at more than 130,000 million dollars, landed in Ibiza. There he has been enjoying some of the best known beaches, such as Jondal Cove, where the couple disembarked and went photographed in the sand, always hand in hand, summer dresses, with that look so typical of the Ibizan sunsets that the rich and rich mules who arrive every year on its shores adopt.

After two days in Ibiza, the Koru set course for Cannes and predictably continue its journey through the Mediterranean. Next to it, in its wake, the boat with a private helipad to take its owner away whenever he wishes, putting the world at his fingertips “from A to Z”, following the motto of his famous empire of electronic commerce.

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The vacations of the billionaire Bezos: his girlfriend, his new 500 million boat and Mallorca