The uncontrolled parties of the most millionaire men in the world

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considerate the most millionaire men in the world because of his inventions, too they have a history full of drugs, alcohol, strippers and prostitution. We refer to the characters of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Let’s start with the American businessman and programmer Mark Zuckerberg; which has been captured in controversial parties full of drugs and strippers. In fact, he began to gain fame in his youth for the parties he threw at his Palo Alto mansion.

If you remember the movie The Social Network (2010)shows us the dramatization of the parties that this billionaire had in his youth.

Zuckerberg he is recognized in the same way for his macho thinking; accentuated by the festival known as “girls and balls”, organized by Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick.

Bill Gates partying

thanks to the book “Full steam ahead. Bill Gates and the creation of the Microsoft empire made by Wallace, James and Jim Erickson, it was revealed that one of the creators of Microsoft, liked to swim naked in pools, hire strippers and cheating on his former wife with other women.

“Everyone knew he was a womanizer, although not much has been published about it because he kept journalists very happy, sending them news to publish continuously. No one wanted to stop that flow of information,” Wallace said.

Musk’s follies

The founder of Tesla, Space X, and almost owner of Twittercame to admit that in 2019 he attended an alleged work meeting in Silicon Valley, which was really a sex party where they had hired sex workers.

This became known when one of the partygoers, investor Steve Jurvetson, recognized to Elon Musk at the party and posted it on their social media.

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The uncontrolled parties of the most millionaire men in the world