The UN response to Elon Musk: plan to end world hunger

If the World Food Program (WFP) can describe in this Twitter thread exactly how six billion dollars will solve the world hungerI’ll sell Tesla stock right now and do it“were the words of Elon Musk to challenge the HIM-HER-IT after certain statements by an official of the institution.

David Beasley, head of the WFP (United Nations World Food Program), asserted on the social network that this exorbitant amount of money would prevent geopolitical instability, mass migration and save 42 million people from the brink of starvation.

One of the health challenges for Colombia, and several Latin American countries, is malnutrition in rural areas.

After several statements by both protagonists of the controversy, the organization finally presented the food plan with which the roadmap for the investment of that money would be drawn, in order to collaborate with the solution for the hunger Worldwide.

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‘A unique appeal to billionaires’

Entitled ‘A Unique Appeal to Billionaires’, the proposal describes in detail each of the objectives that would be achieved with the money, specifying what percentage of this would go towards which goals.

He asked for a clear plan and open books. Here it is!

For example, $ 3.5 billion would be earmarked for the purchase and delivery of food, and $ 2 billion for cash and food stamps, among other expenses.

The rest would be for operational issues: 700 million would go to specific costs of each country to design, expand and manage the implementation of efficient programs, in favor of the eradication of malnutrition, adapted to the country’s conditions and operational risks.

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400 million, for the management, administration and accountability of global and regional operations; in addition to the global monitoring and analysis of hunger around the world.

The tweet was directly addressed to Musk: “You asked for a clear plan and open books. Here it is! We are ready to talk to you and anyone else who is serious about Save lifes. The demand is $ 6.6 billion to prevent famine in 2022. “

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There are 45 million lives at stake and they are increasing daily. If it doesn’t feed the people, it fuels conflict, destabilization and mass migration“was the awareness message with which David Beasley accompanied the proposal.

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The UN response to Elon Musk: plan to end world hunger