The three decisions that Bill Gates made in the past and which he regrets

Bill Gates He is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs worldwide. According to forbes listthe American tycoon amasses the fourth largest fortune in the world. But beyond his money, the founder of Microsoft is a leadership example for a large number of people who follow the guidelines and advice that the billionaire offers in conferences, interviews and talks.

Via your blog notes, Gates shares with his followers reflections and all kinds of opinions about what happens in his day to day. It is in this space where the businessman opens up and publishes his most intimate thoughts. In this sense, the tycoon has exhibited on several occasions some of the decisions you have made throughout your professional life, but now regret. These are some of them.

Not using technology before

Together with his wife, Gates has a foundation with which help those most in need. In addition to this, the billionaire has on many occasions donated part of his fortune to charitable causes. Despite this, the employer considers that He hasn’t done all he could especially when it comes to technology.

“These days I spend a lot of time thinking about how technology can help the world’s poorest people improve their lives,” the Microsoft founder explained on his website. He acknowledges that I could have used these tools beforebut did not believe that it could have the effectiveness that has been shown now.

Don’t learn other languages

During his years at school, Gates had the opportunity to learn Latin and Greek, but when the school classes ended, his interest in languages ​​was gone. Now, many years later, he regrets not having continued giving lessons and recognizes that heand would have liked to learn others.

“I did Latin and Greek in high school and got A’s. I guess it helped my vocabulary, but I would like to know French, Arabic or Chinese“, The tycoon told in a blog. A wish that he hopes to be able to fulfill, yes, when he has time to do so.

read late

In addition to tips and insights, Gates also shares comments on the books he’s been reading on his blog. And it is that reading is one of the great hobbies of the entrepreneur. His passion is such that on many occasions he has stayed reading late at night. A decision that he now regrets.

“I read a lot at night and my biggest problem is that I stay up late and regret it the next day when I haven’t slept as much as I’d like,” said the Microsoft co-founder.

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The three decisions that Bill Gates made in the past and which he regrets