The series recommended by Bill Gates to watch this summer is not the one you imagine

Every summer, we are used to that Bill Gates post your recommended books list to read on vacation (and the same goes for Christmas). However, this year he has decided to change things up a bit and add a list of music and an essential series that everyone should see.

Seeing his previous literary proposals, it was expected that the series in question would be related to technology (artificial intelligence above all) or the environment. However, his choice was a show about politics that, for a change, not american but what has been one of the most acclaimed in recent years.

It is nothing more and nothing less than borginthe danish series released in 2010 and which has 4 seasons (the last one made with Netflix), which tells the fictional story of the First minister Birgitte Nyborg, her arrival at a coalition governmentand relations between political parties and the media.

It is not new, of course, but it is still a benchmark and one of the best television series in history: has 100% approval from critics and 97% from the public.

Bill Gates said of the show that he was “fascinated by how political coalitions come together and stay together, and I loved watching Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg figure it all out. She is a principled and gifted leader who is also fallible and sometimes wrong. Borgen is entertaining above all else, but I’ve also learned a lot watching her.”.

If you’ve seen it, there’s always a good excuse to take another look. If despite her age you still haven’t given her a chance, this summer. It is without a doubt the best European political series, and even his pscore is above the iconic The West Wing of the White House.

It is one of those shows that you have to see yes or yes once in a lifetime, and it can currently be done in Netflix, where their three seasons are available and the special Kingdom, Power and Glory (the fourth part for practical purposes), too. When will you start it?

Borgen and the other 10 best political series you can watch right now

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The series recommended by Bill Gates to watch this summer is not the one you imagine