The secret chats of Elon Musk that show how the relationship with Twitter broke

In case he Divorce between Twitter and Elon Musk did not have enough condiments, new legal documents showed that the CEO of Tesla was very convinced to “improve” the social network initially, and even had the support of its founder, Jack Dorsey. However, the short circuits with the Board of Directors And till a possible “World War III” turned the deal into a legal dispute.

The texts show the Musk talks with multiple actors in reference to Twitter. The main chats are with jack dorsey and the current CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawalbut also has conversations with journalist Gayle King, investor Jason Calcanis, The Boring Company president Steve Davis, and many more.

Some of the ideas are also very striking. For example, on one occasion, Musk suggested that for each tweet an amount be paid in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency to guarantee freedom of expression. He also talked about add Oprah to the Board of Directors of the social networkand even mentioned that there was no point in going through with the $44 billion deal if the world “is headed for a Third World War.”

The short circuits that dynamited the agreement

A month before Musk offered to buy 100% of Twitter, documents showed that platform founder Jack Dorsey contacted the tycoon in reference to a tweet in which he talked about the lack of freedom of expression on the social network.

“A new platform is needed. It can’t be a company. that’s why i left”, Dorsey told him, while trying to convince Musk of a new decentralized communication protocol: Twitter “should never have been a companyMusk more or less agreed, but with a caveat: “I think it’s worth trying to move Twitter in a better direction and do something new.

Musk’s first purchase, of 9.2% of Twitter shares, thrilled Dorsey. “I have wanted it for a long time. I was very excited when I found out that it was finally possible”, the founder told him. Elon Musk was going to be part of the Board of Directors, and Dorsey anticipated him: “Parag (Agrawal, the CEO) is an incredible engineer. However, despite a good start to the relationship between the two, things quickly got complicated when Agrawal asked Musk to stop tweeting.

— Feel free to tweet “Is Twitter dying?” or anything else about Twitter, but it’s my responsibility to tell you that it’s not helping me improve twitter in the current context. I’d like to see the company get to a place where we’re more resilient and not distracted, but we’re not there right now
— What did you do this week? I am not joining the Board of Directors. This is a waste of time. I’m going to make an offer to make Twitter private.

Fix Twitter chatting with Parag won’t workMusk warned Twitter’s board chairman, Bret Taylor. “Drastic action is needed,” he completed.

The purchase of Twitter excited many

While all of this was going on, Musk had conversations with personalities from all walks of life.

  • Joe Rogan: the controversial podcast host told him that I was going to throw “a big party” if Musk acquired Twitter
  • Steve Davis: with the director of The Boring Company, Musk discussed “a blockchain-based version of Twitter” where users pay in Dogecoin, and then concluded that “Blockchain Twitter is not possible.”
  • Jason Calacanis: the investor suggested to Musk to increase the price of his offer, move Twitter’s headquarters to the Gigafactory in Texas and bring youtuber MrBeast to Twitter to win over Zoomers and Millennials. In addition, Calacanis assured Musk that he “had his sword” and told him that being CEO of Twitter was “his dream job.”
  • Kimbal Musk and Larry Ellison: his banker brother and the founder of Oracle discussed possible financings, as well as the possible leaders of the new company
  • BL Lee: Although it is not known who he is (this is how he appeared on Musk’s cell phone), this person suggested the venture capitalist Bill Gurley as the new CEO of Twitter
  • Gayle King: “WOW!” the CBS Mornings co-anchor wrote after learning of Musk’s offer. “Maybe Oprah would be interested in joining the Twitter board if my bid is successful.. Wisdom about humanity and knowing what’s right are more important than so-called “board governance” skills, which mean virtually nothing in my experience,” Musk replied.
  • Mark Merrill: the president of Riot Games compared Musk to Batman. “You are the hero Gotham City needs.damn it, yes!”, he wrote.
  • Joe Lonsdale: the co-founder of Palantir and now a director of venture firm 8VC, tipped Musk off that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had spoken to him “with ideas on how to help him and be outraged at that board and say the public is rooting for him.”

The short circuits that dynamited the Twitter agreement

Dorsey assured Musk: “I will not let this fail and I will do whatever it takes. It is too critical for humanity.” Additionally, he sought to smooth things over with Agrawal: “He’s really good at getting things done when given a specific direction.”

However, Musk countered: “Parag is moving too slow and trying to please people who won’t be happy no matter what I do.” In this sense, Dorsey recalled a call that the three had and was relieved that “at least it was clear that they can not work together.”

Back in May, Musk complained in dialogue with Michael Grimes that Twitter He didn’t ask good questions and he didn’t have good comments.” in a meeting. Just minutes after saying that, she texted a lawyer: “Let’s slow down for a few days. Putin’s speech tomorrow is really important. It won’t make sense to buy Twitter if we’re heading into World War 3.”

Musk’s text messages—and, in some cases, the lack of them—became a key issue in court. Twitter’s lawyers allege that it conducted virtually all of the business related to the deal through text messages, but argue that relatively few messages were delivered as evidence, and also identified exchanges where it appears Musk’s replies may have been removed or withheld. The trove of texts was presented as evidence as Twitter’s lawyers sought sanctions against Musk for allegedly hiding important messages.

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The secret chats of Elon Musk that show how the relationship with Twitter broke