The proposal on Twitter from Jujuy to Elon Musk for lithium

the province of Jujuy It is located in the triangle lithium, a promising area for Argentina, Chile and Bolivia for this mineral highly demanded by the electric vehicle industry. For this reason, Governor Gerardo Morales took advantage of a complaint on Twitter about Elon Muskthe billionaire owner of Teslato tempt him for the resources of his province in the face of rising lithium prices.

The owner of Tesla Y SpaceX complained about the escalation of the price of the lithiumwhich he described as “insane, and that is when the president saw an opportunity and invited him to explore the metal reserves available in the northern province. “Who knows, maybe the next Gigafactory will be from Jujuy”Morales added, alluding to the lithium-ion battery factories built by the businessman’s well-known electric car company.

“The price of lithium has reached insane levels! Tesla may have to go into mining and refining directly at scale, unless costs improve,” Musk wrote on Twitter, his favorite social network and the one he recently became his majority shareholder on.

“There is no shortage of the element itself, as lithium is found almost everywhere on Earth, but the pace of extraction/refinement is slow.”he indicated.

The governor and Jujuy and also president of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) He replied to tell him about the production of the element at the national level.

“Hello Elon, I am Gerardo Morales, Governor of Jujuy (Argentina). The two most important lithium production projects in the country are executed here with a total capacity of 80k tons per year and 20k hectares of lithium reserves available to explore. We are Jujuy Verde”, said the president.

“We have a development policy underway based on the green economy and carbon-neutrality, with our sights set on the transition to electromobility. We also have the largest photovoltaic solar park in South America (300 MW),” said Morales.

“Many people talk and do nothing, we are innovating and implementing real actions in this regard. I invite you to Jujuy to get to know our projects, our nature and our beautiful Andean culture. Who knows, maybe the next Gigafactory will be from Jujuy”, he proposed.

“I apologize, Elon Musk, for not writing this tweet in English. That was because I’m sure Twitter’s translator works perfectly,” he stated.

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The proposal on Twitter from Jujuy to Elon Musk for lithium