The positive side: Michael Bisping on the presence of Mark Zuckerberg in the UFC

UNITED STATES.- The recent presence of mark zuckerberg in an event of UFC led to a great deal of criticism, but Michael Bisping don’t think the same. Many contenders and people close to the sport expressed themselves against the reservation of the room by the businessman. For his part, Bisping exposed the positive side of the situation.

«Mark Zuckerberg was present. it’s great to see. These are all good points, and this is not an insult to him and perhaps sounds like a fight comment. But more fans can get into the sport because of someone who is as nerdy as he is. He is a genius of technology », began by acknowledging the expeller in his podcast believe me.

Along these lines, the current commentator added that «you’ve seen him, and he can be described as, quote unquote, a bit of a nerd. But to see a guy like him who has that clout, who makes that wealth, who has that power, and I don’t know what to make of Mark Zuckerberg, he’s a nerd, let’s be honest. But it’s amazing because he’s there and he’s watching the UFC.”

For this reason, the former competitor observed that «I think this will potentially open up another realm of people because MMA is hugely and very popular, but there are still skeptics.. There are critics and there are still people who won’t try. But to see someone who is clearly wildly smart like him, being a fan of the sport, and his wife being there enjoying it, is only going to bring in more fans.”

About the end, the expeller continued with his argument. “It’s that acceptance of a broader audience, because it’s not normally who you’d think the ‘just bleeding’ MMA fan is. My mother-in-law is not your typical MMA fan, but she fell in love with it right away. And I think when people watch with an open mind, they will love it too much,” Michael Bisping concluded.

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The positive side: Michael Bisping on the presence of Mark Zuckerberg in the UFC