The personality trait that helped Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs on their way to success

Three of the wealthiest businessmen in the world, , and Steve Jobs, share a personality trait that was a key point in their success. Beyond the decisions they made in their lives and companies, this behavioral characteristic also influenced their way to the top and you could have it too.

biographer and historian Walter Issacson, who wrote about the life of Elon Musk and is currently working on a play about Steve Jobs, told CNBC about an aspect of the personality that Musk, Jobs and Bill Gates share. According to Isaacson, these CEOs are unemotional when dealing with their colleagues or employeesin addition to be uncompromising when they wanted to make their visions come true.

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The personality of Musk, Gates and Jobs

That ability to not be so emotionally and empathetically committed to the goal of executing your vision. It’s something that Steve Jobs had, something that Bill Gates hasIsaacson said. “It is something that many of these people have, because they are not looking for affection from the person in front of them. They are trying to take rockets to Mars”, he added.

It is a known fact that Elon Musk is not an easy boss to please.. In 2018, Tesla employees described Musk as a business manager who gave his team very demanding deadlines and did not hesitate to give harsh criticism. However, they also described him as funny and inspiring at times.

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A similar case occurred with Steve Jobs. In 2019, Apple executive Guy Kawasaki said that “every day you had to prove your worth, or Jobs would get rid of you” and that Jobs rarely wasted time being nice..

As to Bill Gatesbiographers James Wallace and Jim Erickson, authors of the biography of the head of Microsoft, pointed out that the businessman he sent emails and contacted his employees at inopportune hours.

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The personality trait that helped Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs on their way to success