The peculiar phone that Bill Gates uses to avoid accumulating ‘gadgets’

Bill Gates He has a new mobile phone. The co-founder of Microsoft has shared in a chat with users through Reddit that he has decided to change his Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 by the latest folding terminal from the South Korean firm, the recent Galaxy Fold 4. This high-end terminal, with a price of around 2,000 euros, is characterized by its large screen, which when open reaches 7.6 inches. Much more than the vast majority of terminals.

“The screen size (of the Fold 4) means that I don’t use a tablet, just the phone and my laptop, a Windows device,” Gates says. The Microsoft co-founder remarks that his first contact with Samsung’s family of folding terminals was with the Fold 3, a terminal that, at the time, was given to him by the president of the Asian technology JY Lee.

Indeed, Gates points out that in the terminal he uses “Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software”, which implies that he gives the mobile a use similar to that which would be given to a tablet. He also calls attention to the fact that he does not use Microsoft’s foldable mobile, the Surface Duo. What is not surprising is that the technological guru does not opt ​​for a terminal of Manzana.

A couple of years ago, Gates explained in a conversation through the live podcasting social network Clubhouse who opted for Android as his favorite mobile operating system. The reason? That, unlike the one used in Apple devices, iOS, in some cases incorporates the programs developed by Microsoft from the factory. “As I want to keep track of everything, I often test iPhones, but the mobile I carry with me is Android,” said the businessman.

It should be remembered that, as Gates himself has acknowledged on several occasions, his relationship with Apple and, specifically, with its co-founder Steve Jobs, has been improvable. the past 2019 came to affirm that the father of the iPhone, who died in 2011, produced, thanks to his work, “some incredibly positive things”, but that, at the same time, he could sometimes be “a jerk”.

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The peculiar phone that Bill Gates uses to avoid accumulating ‘gadgets’