The particular proposal of Gerardo Morales to Elon Musk after a complaint from the tycoon about the price of lithium

The Governor of Jujuy and president of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), Gerardo Moralesmade in the last few hours a particular proposal to the south african tycoon Elon Musk throught social media. After the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX complained about the “insane” escalation in the price of the lithiumthe president picked up the glove and invited him to “explore” the metal reserves available in the northern province. Then he added: “Who knows, maybe the next Gigafactory will be from Jujuy”, alluding to the lithium ion battery factories built by the renowned electric car company of the businessman.

“The price of lithium has reached insane levels! Tesla may have to go into mining and refining directly at scale, unless costs improve.”Musk wrote on Twitter alongside a chart showing the metal’s steep rise in value. After that he clarified: “There is no shortage of the element itself, since lithium is found almost everywhere on Earth, but the rate of extraction / refinement is slow.”

Hours later came the response from Morales, who appeared before the tycoon and told him about the production of the element at the national level.

“Hello Elon, I am Gerardo Morales, Governor of Jujuy (Argentina). The two most important lithium production projects in the country are executed here with a total capacity of 80k tons per year and 20k hectares of lithium reserves available to explore. We are Jujuy Verde”, expressed the president and continued: “We have a development policy underway based on the green economy and carbon-neutrality, with an eye toward the transition to electromobility. We also have the largest photovoltaic solar park in South America (300 Mw)”.

In successive tweets, the governor spoke to Musk about different technological initiatives that are being developed in the province, such as the construction of schools equipped with solar panelsthe exploitation of a biotechnology complex applied to “the production of medical cannabis most advanced in Latin America” and a project of green hydrogen.

“Many people talk and do nothing, we are innovating and implementing real actions in this regard. I invite you to Jujuy to get to know our projects, our nature and our beautiful Andean culture. Who knows, maybe the next Gigafactory will be from Jujuy”Morales proposed and closed with a laudatory message in English for the businessman, who days ago became the largest shareholder of Twitter.

“I apologize, Elon Musk, for not writing this tweet in English. That was because I’m sure the Twitter translator works perfectly.”he claimed.

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The particular proposal of Gerardo Morales to Elon Musk after a complaint from the tycoon about the price of lithium