The package bomb that exploded at a US university had a message for Mark Zuckerberg

Federal authorities are investigating a package bomb located last Tuesday at Northeastern University, which contained a note critical of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, the platform conglomerate that includes Facebook. It also carried the virtual reality promoted by the American businessman.

It was a university worker who found the package at the Boston facility. According to his version, the box exploded and that ended up causing minor injuries. But researchers now doubt the man’s version. According to Associated Press (AP), federal authorities are examining whether the employee may have lied to investigators and orchestrated the incident.

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Doubts about the employee’s version

In an interview with The Boston Globe, the employee denied having staged the explosion and called the event “very traumatic.” “I didn’t stage this… No way, shape, form… they need to catch the guy who did this.”

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Investigators did confirm that the box contained a rambling note criticizing virtual reality and also making reference to Mark Zuckerberg. However, no explosive materials were found and they do not believe the package was shipped through the United States Postal Service.

bomb pack

The package bomb exploded at a Boston university and caused an injury


The figure of Zuckerberg is still controversial. Last May, the Washington Prosecutor’s Office sued the CEO of Meta for the privacy scandal involving Facebook user data led by Cambridge Analytica. The reason: in the middle of the last decade, the British consultancy would have used an application to collect millions of data from Facebook Internet users without their consent and for political purposes.

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Back to the classroom

concern among students

Federal authorities are continuing the investigation, but have not provided further details. In parallel, Northeastern University wants to resume normality and continue with classes. In a message posted on his website on Wednesday, he assured that his facilities are safe. “Events such as the incident that took place on our Boston campus last night can create or increase anxiety for many of us,” said the rector.

The campus opened as normal on Wednesday, but some students are reluctant to return or remain concerned. “Every time I go to a class, a dining room or anything in general, people only talk about what happened and what happened yesterday,” explains student Lisbeth Martínez, in statements collected by AP.

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The package bomb that exploded at a US university had a message for Mark Zuckerberg