The owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos sets a new record by buying the mansion with the highest value in Los Angeles

Millionaires and celebrities are making their own in the world of real estate and the many-times called the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has been keeping himself very busy picking out properties to suit his vast means. The turn has been for a mansion in the best villa style called Jack Warner Estate for the amount of 165 million dollars and setting a new record for a mansion in Los Angeles.

The Gregorian-style main mansion maintains ample dimensions of 1,264 square meters with about movie-worthy exteriors from which to enjoy nature and the benevolent climate that Los Angeles is capable of offering its inhabitants. A century-old mansion that took its initial owners more than a decade to build piece by piece until finally being completed in 1937.

Jeff Bezos’ new mansion in Los Angeles

The gigantic property is undoubtedly out of the ordinary and it is that it is able to offer a couple of guest houses so that luxury and comfort is always present for the guests, plus a trio of greenhouses and a tennis court. But this is only the beginning because the spectacular pool and the large terraces are worthy of admiration and as an additional bonus it is possible to enjoy a complete 9-hole golf course.

Spacious and luxurious spaces to enjoy in Jeff Bezos’ mansion

The dimensions are so eloquent that The property has its own fuel station to supply its own cars and those of the guests. A construction that began in 1920 and that required the purchase of three additional and neighboring mansions, which were demolished to create the necessary spaces so that the creation of this Gregorian villa was still worthy of admiration almost a century later.

New record for Los Angeles as the mansion with the highest value

The original floors of the mansion are made of local and imported wood and according to specialists, they are made of the same wood that made up the floor where the famous Emperor Napoleon proposed to Empress Joséphine. In addition to 18th century English paneling perfectly fitted in the living roomfurniture and chandeliers from the George III era and beautiful papal tapestry from the 19th century both in the dining room and in the solarium.

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Great possibilities for outdoor activities in the house of Jeff Bezos

Secret spaces and passageways add a touch of enigma and mystery to the entire property, with a screening room featuring floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves that play a peculiar game with a Mexican-style bar attached to one side of the screening room and decorated with native Mexican furniture dating back to 1820.

Luxury and space with the wonderful climate of California

The villa was created by the famous Jack Warner, who was the first president of Warner Bros. studios and no real estate agents were involved in the operation, that is, it was carried out in a private and closed way outside the public market of real estate. An opportunity that the founder and president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, did not miss to set a new property value record for both Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

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All the environments point to excessive luxury in the property that Jeff Bezos has

The mansion enjoys having been part of various reports both on television and for various magazines, with Architectural Digest being a categorical example. A large-scale mansion movement that arose in the golden age of Hollywood and that undoubtedly flooded the hills of Los Angeles with impressive creations that denote the standard of living and the opulence of the most important film industry in the world.

The head of Amazon has been characterized by being news in the world media thanks to the immense amount of money available and that allows him to enjoy a standard of living that very few beings on earth have. Hence I recently bought a trio of apartments in the heart of Manhattan in New York with impressive views of Madison Square Park with a million-dollar investment.

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The owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos sets a new record by buying the mansion with the highest value in Los Angeles