The original name of Google and other curiosities

This Monday they celebrate 23 years since the company founded by two students from the University of Stanford changed the way we search information. September 27, 1998 Google started to work.

Although it may seem surprising, one of the most important and used companies on the internet began in a rented garage in the city of Menlo Park, to the north of California, this is how its founders talk about it Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

During launch, Google used the servers of Larry and Sergey’s university, where the first versions of the seeker, and it was not until later that they were able to expand and lead to Mountain View, in California, where he currently remains as his headquarters.

An important date for the company was in 2004 when they went public and their shares were worth $ 85; Today, a Google share can be worth more than one thousand dollars.

Google Over time I went from being just a search engine, but I ventured into emails, maps, internet browsers, and in addition to having an operating system to mobile phones.


He also bought the video platform YouTube in 2006 in an agreement valued at $ 1.65 billion, an amount that at that time seemed astronomical and that today has been an excellent investment.

Curiosities of Google at 23

  • The original name: Backrub

In the beginning, the original name of Google was Backrub. However, soon after the company wanted to change its name and that is how Google was born, a word that comes from the real ‘Googol’ which means the number 1 followed by hundreds of zeros, alluding to all the information that the platform would make accessible to the world.

“Don’t be evil” is a famous Google corporate slogan adopted in its early days by one of its founders, Sergey Brin. This is a quote that explains Google’s intention not to use the data for malicious purposes, although now that slogan no longer appears in any corporate topic.

  • Benefits of being a Google worker

It is known that Google employees are offered a series of completely free services: three meals a day, unlimited quantity, gym, hairdresser and many more benefits. In fact, she is often said to be one of the “best companies to work for.” But Google’s selection process is very difficult and they select the best in each field they recruit for.

This page was created purely for fun in the Google offices and causes the entire search engine to mirror. The page is fully functional and usable, although all text is reversed.

You can try it on the page:

Doodles are changes made to the Google logo to commemorate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. The first one was released in 1998; specifically in August of that year and recalled the celebration of the Burning Man Festival that is held every year in Black Rock (Nevada, USA).

The original goal of the founders was to let people know where the Google team would be, so they added the festival logo to the logo as “we’re out of office.” This is how doodles were born.

Over the years, there have been many small hidden games that the company has accumulated on the website, from being able to play Pac-Man, Solitaire or the game of the little snake; These appearing for the first time as doodles associated with an anniversary, however, the most recognized will always be that dinosaur that appears when we do not have an internet connection in the Google Chrome browser,

  • Google has its own satellite

The Google company, since 2008 has its own satellite in space. The GeoEye-1 helps the company to capture images from Google Earth and Google Maps, and avoids having to sign complicated international agreements to obtain high resolution images of any corner of the Earth.

Currently, there are 7 places on the planet that Google is restricted: China, Cuba, Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. In these last two countries, Google Earth cannot offer images due to government requirements.

  • Digitization of all books

Google has always been in favor of the preservation of information, that is why it aims to scan absolutely all the books in the world, which implies a digitization of approximately 130 million volumes.

The project “World Brain”Aims to build a gigantic digital library that can be shared with everyone. However, more than half of the scanned books were copyrighted, and writers around the world launched a campaign to stop Google, culminating in the New York courthouses in 2011.

  • The history of Street View

One of the most ambitious actions was to create Google Maps, and consequently Street View. This project started in 2007, it has grown thanks to the photographs taken with cameras located in the most unique vehicles: snowmobiles, pedicabs, bicycles, cars and even in a backpack called Trekker.

However, the most curious is the implementation of camels to create the part corresponding to the desert.

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