The one-dollar bill signed by Elon Musk that is auctioned for more than €7,500

Auctions are not always for coins and bills, sometimes many of the most curious items are put up for sale. The classic vhs tapesfor example, are very in demand on portals like eBay. Some movies like Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise in 1985, were bought last year for 7,200 euros, while others like Rocky or Jaws reached almost 5,000 euros.

Something similar has happened with the vinyl recordsthat some special or rare editions arrive paid more than 13,000 euros. Although its popularity has resurfaced again and today many artists are committed to creating these items with their new albums, an exclusive copy of Coldplay with the songs ‘Champion of the World’ and ‘Cry Cry Cry’ was sold for 13,648.95 euros .

The American auction house RR Auction, which has specialized in manuscripts, autographs and historical artifacts of famous people in history, is now putting up for sale a complete collection of photographs and documents signed by tycoon Elon Musk. This firm is responsible for some historic auctions, such as an original Apple-1 computer, with which they raised 325,000 euros, or the hand-annotated manuscript author Truman Capote of the script for ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for more than 300,000 euros.

With original autograph

This special collection has all kinds of items. One of the most expensive is a greeting card signed by Musk himself that has gone up for auction for $10,000. Another curious object is a dollar bill from the 2017 series signed on the left side by the entrepreneur’s initials with a black permanent marker. It is in very good condition and is protected by a plastic capsule.

The auction to opt for this copy It ends on September 23 and you already have up to 27 offers. Its starting price is 7,604 dollars, which in exchange is about 7,500 euros. If someone else makes an offer in the next few days, its price could rise to $8,365.

In addition to these documents, RR Auction is also auctioning a 14-karat gold pendant and a green emerald that Musk gave to one of his college girlfriends, Jennifer Gwynne, worth more than $7,259. as well as a wide variety of original photographs of the tycoon from the 90s for up to $100 each.

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The one-dollar bill signed by Elon Musk that is auctioned for more than €7,500