The millionaires besides Mark Zuckerberg who are behind social networks

As curious as it may seem, Twitter is not one of the social networks with the most users in the world, in fact if it is compared with other traditional ones from the West, and some of the popular ones in Asia, it ranks 15th for active accounts. But it is in the eyes of many for the US$44 billion deal that Elon Musk offered to control 100% of that company.

The multinational that at the end of last January registered 436 million active accounts, and is expected to deliver the 2021 financial report this week, with revenues of more than US$3.5 billion, It is the new bet of the founder of Tesla to take it to another level in which, according to him, “it is more transparent and free for users”.

The purchase agreement recalls who are the millionaires behind social networks, a club in which the great figure is still Mark Zuckerberg. The brain famous for leading Facebook that reigns with 2,910 million users (now grouped under Meta Platforms), has been collecting other platforms such as WhatsApp with more than 2,000 million accountsInstagram (1,478 million) and the Facebook Messenger plugin (988 million).

Zuckerberg, although he controls the group of the most popular networks by active users, adds a fortune of US$67.1 billion according to the Forbes ranking, but that of Larry Page and Sergey Brin (each with more than US$100 billion) is even higher for being the co-founders of Google, the giant that gave them the second most powerful social network in the world: YouTube with 2.562 million registered people, and controlling streaming.

These are the best known names, but there is another group of people who became millionaires by creating social networks that are widely used today. For example, Behind TikTok, which has more than 1,000 million users, is the Chinese, Zhang Yiming, who was a member of the 2013 ‘Forbes China 30 Under 30’ list, since he has historically been connected to the development of platforms and software with his company ByteDancevalued at more than $420 billion.

In Asia there is also another code name, Ma Huateng, a US$36 billion figure who says he likes to keep a low profile, chairs Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings, but known in the West for WeChat (with 1.263 million customers), and that grows at a double rate compared to its competitor WhatsApp.

Or going back to America, there is Evan Spiegel (a fortune of US$6.1 billion) and Bobby Murphy (US$6.3 billion), who owe their wealth to Snapchat. In this case, although for many people it is a social network that made temporary publications, and with the rise of TikTok and Instagram, it ceased to be used, the truth is that some even point its popularity to sexting and erotic content transactions in Asia.

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The millionaires besides Mark Zuckerberg who are behind social networks