The Metaverse Can Wait: Mark Zuckerberg Tries His Luck As An MMA Fighter

Mark Zuckerberg is best known for being the CEO of Meta, and for being the center of various controversies. However, he is not the only thing the executive is good at. Thanks to the recent video he shared for Instagram, Zuckerberg shows that he is also quite good at throwing punches in the ring.

To prove your worth in the arena, Zuckerberg has selected nothing more and nothing less than Khai Wu, the former Bellator fighter, to guide him as a trainer. In the same way, we have that even the UFC champion, Conor McGregor, approves the physical form of the Meta leader.

In the video in question, Zuckerberg shows off his moves against Khai Wu. And it is not a simple hobby that he sees from afar, because his movements really reflect his passion for mixed martial arts. Some time ago, during an interview with the always controversial Joe Rogan, he confessed his liking for this activity, which can even be dangerous when not well prepared.

Mark Zuckerberg also places special emphasis on the strength and movement of his hands, and a fantastic arm transition. Everything seems to indicate that classes with Khai Wu have had quite an effect.

Mark Zuckerberg receives approval from the UFC

Of course, the video has not gone unnoticed by the great protagonists of this sport. The aforementioned Conor McGregor called Zuckerberg’s training “Fucking awesome!” (Fucking amazing!). And even the UFC’s Instagram account has praised the CEO’s combos.

One of my training partners, @khaiwu, makes his @ufcfightpass debut tonight. Go for him Khai and looking forward to a great fight!

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Mark Zuckerberg comments that he has replaced his running training with mixed martial arts and other sports such as jiu-jitsu. “From the first session I did, five minutes later I said: Where has this been all my life?“, adding, “My mom forced me to participate in three college sports… my life took a wrong turn when I chose to compete in fencing instead of wrestling in high school.”

In fact, Mark might have already found his first real opponent. In March, Paddy Pimblett joked that he wanted Zuckerberg as his next opponent, right after the blocking of his Instagram account. According to Pimblett, she used to use her account to support charities and people with mental health issues. Without a doubt, Zuckerberg seems to have earned his first opponent.

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The Metaverse Can Wait: Mark Zuckerberg Tries His Luck As An MMA Fighter