The metaverse as a “long-term investment opportunity”, according to experts

The metaverse is the latest big trend in the tech industry. Since Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebrand of Facebook -which is now called Meta-, with the aim of unifying the activities of the social media giant with the metaverse, this new technology is attracting the attention of professionals, curious and, to same time, from investors.

In an etymological sense, metaverso It is the combination of “meta” (beyond) and “verse” (alternative or derivation of the universe), so its meaning is defined as the convergence between the physical and digital world. What is currently identified as metaverso It is an immersive 3D environment shared by multiple users, in which we can interact through a digital interpretation of our physical image, known as an avatar.

This digital reality combines aspects and functionalities of social networks, online video games, the work environment or social interactions, using the augmented reality (WITH), virtual reality (VR) and cryptocurrencies to allow users to function in a digital or virtual environment.

In the focus of financial markets

At present, and until the implementation of the metaverso be a complete reality, the companies involved in this future are setting the roadmap to be a benchmark and are in the focus of the financial markets. Investors are watching these developments to position themselves in them when considering the metaverso as “a great long-term investment opportunity”, as explained by the XTB broker through a statement.

The intentions of Meta (FB.US) are already known, but there are many more companies, such as Microsoft (MSFT.US), Unity Software (U.US), Roblox (RBLX.US), Amazon (AMZN.US), Walt Disney (DIS.US) or Nvidia (NVDA.US), among others, waiting for lead its market niche within the metaverso.

In that sense, finding the right companies can be tricky. XTB, with your spot stock trading fee and ETF at 0% and with the security of an entity regulated by the CNMV, streamlines the localization process thanks to its desktop platform xStation and its mobile platform XTB App “explains the company.

This trend seems unstoppable and, even, some international managers already offer exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with an investment theme focused on the metaverso, “Facilitating diversification by investing in different companies with great potential for growth and development within the new digital environment,” they explain from XTB.

These managers include companies that actively participate in the metaverso Through computing, the connection of networks, virtual platforms, developers of computer programs and protocols or payment companies and digital transfers. Not forgetting companies that offer content services, e-commerce platforms or cloud storage and, of course, companies that develop the technology and technological support through the sale of devices (hardware).

The role of cryptocurrencies

“In the ecosystem of metaverso, a common factor that all companies that hope to develop their business there take into account is that cryptocurrencies will be present in digital transactions. Business project financing models will use the blockchain o ‘blockchain‘to issue their own cryptocurrency known as a “token” or’altcoin‘to carry them out. Evidencing the costly process of obtaining financing through a ON V that is used today “, XTB experts detail.

In this way, they take for granted that “cryptocurrencies will be part of the future.” Bitcoin is postulated as the main currency, while Ethereum focuses on smart contracts, to streamline and give legal and legal validity to any transaction or operation, which today requires a commercial registry or a notary public such as a notary.

“There are many other cryptocurrencies with ambitious and interesting projects, but above all disruptive. cryptocurrencies What Polkadot, Cardano, Litecoin or Binance Coin, among others, complement the current ecosystem that will be key in the future “, they add from XTB, which currently has fourteen cryptocurrencies as part of its current offering and that through derivatives allows its clients to invest in these projects with only a fraction of the necessary capital of 25%.

According to the criteria of

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The metaverse as a “long-term investment opportunity”, according to experts