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I confess that when I saw the book on the store shelf, its cover initially caught my attention, which includes a combination of colors with a lot of visual impact and in large white letters the divided word: “META – VERSE and how it will revolutionize it everything”.

At first I refused to buy it because I thought it was a specifically technical publication, but the concept was fluttering in my head for a while and I finally went to read the back cover and some aspects of its interior.

I found then that it is a work for all audiences, which breaks down what we might consider a difficult concept to understand for many, in an understandable and clear language.

As he explains it:

“The metaverse is a 3D virtual world, a network of interconnected experiences and devices, tools and infrastructure that goes far beyond mere virtual reality. The Internet will no longer be just at our fingertips: it will surround our lives, work and leisure, industries and functions… In short, all companies must have their space in the metaverse. Or they won’t survive.”

Explaining in the first instance what is it? How is built? When will it arrive? Who are winners and losers? What are metabusinesses and metaversal existence?

The title published for Mexico in November 2022, by Paidós editorial, has been positioned on the list of the best technology books, and as regards its author, Matthew Ball, his career as a specialist in the field supports him:

Former global head of strategy at Amazon Studios, financial advisor and writer on the subject with publications in “The New York Times”, “The Economist” and “Bloomberg”.

A highly recommended reading to be in the game of understanding the language of an imminent future, because as Mark Zuckerberg says: “The metaverse is not something that a company builds. It is the next chapter of the Internet in general.”

We are what we have read and this is, reader’s word.

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the metaverse