The inexplicable change of Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook moved everyone with one of his inexplicable changes that will surely leave you speechless. We show you…

mark zuckerberg is on everyone’s lips. A man who has been placed in the top of the 3 richest men in the world, but the latest failures of his projects have caused a heavy blow to his economy. Despite these bad times, it is estimated that his current fortune is around 35.5 billion dollars. Who could!

The American has a great fondness for the automotive industry that can be seen in his ostentatious garage. One of the most varied showcases, full of mysteries that hides a few secrets that even today we find it hard to believe. However, beyond his great fortune, Mark surprises with his particular specimens that he did not hesitate to add to his repertoire.

your personal Volkswagen Golf GTI seventh generation, became a surprise staging by the billionaire. An economic model that is all the rage among its fans and that only has a market value that around 45,000 euros. Everything seems to indicate that Zuckerberg on this occasion opted for a more precarious model with lower expenses.

Nevertheless, far from this design we find one of his most beastly cars. A copy that became one of the most acclaimed among celebrities, but that only a few personalities can access and only a few find it sensational. Its about Pagani Huayra.

This beastly model becomes an attractive sporty design that around 2,000,000 dollars. One of the great beasts of the asphalt that Mark enjoys behind the wheel and soon boasts about on social media. An abrupt change that can be seen in his showcase and also when it comes to showing off on the streets. And what do you think of this model?

Photo gallery:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Pagani Huayra by Mark Zuckerberg.

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The inexplicable change of Mark Zuckerberg