The impressive change that Mark Zuckerberg made in his food after becoming a millionaire

Billionaires may splurge on mansions and luxury cars, but that doesn’t mean they splurge on the most expensive foods. Nor do they spend a lot of effort on diets designed to eat healthy. However, Mark Zuckerberg has adopted a plan that has forced him to eat healthy almost without meaning to.

For the CEO of Facebook, mark zuckerberg, breakfast “isn’t too important”. According to what is reported on the website of Business Insiderone of the richest men on the planet, eats what he wants when his days begin, supposedly because he doesn’t like “wasting time making small decisions”.

However, in 2011 he joined a very strange and exotic challenge: only eat the meat of the animals that he himself killed. At first, he managed to carry out the plan by hunting and killing goats, pigs, chickens or locusts. In fact, he bragged about it on his own social networks. But with the passage of time he became unsustainable.

“This year I have practically become a vegetarian, since I only eat the animals that I have killed myself. So far it has been a good experience. I eat much healthier foods and I have learned a lot about agriculture and animal husbandry,” he later confessed Zuckerberg In a letter to Fortune and quoted by The vanguard.

That was how a challenge forced mark zuckerberg to eat healthily without even considering it in the beginning. “I think a lot of people forget that a living thing has to die for you to eat its meat, so my goal is to not allow myself to forget that and be grateful for what I have.” added at that time young 27 years.

His decision earned him favorable comments, but also others against. Today, it is said that he continues to hold his conviction, because, according to what he said, goats and other animals were not to his liking because of the work involved in killing them. It was for this reason that he preferred vegetable and fruit salads.

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his eccentric diets. Photo: IProUp

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The impressive change that Mark Zuckerberg made in his food after becoming a millionaire