The four keys of Bill Gates to be happy

Bill gates He is known to all for being the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world. Despite resigning from the board of directors of the company he founded, the American businessman is among the ten richest tycoons. According to data provided by ‘Forbes‘, has a fortune of 119,000 million euros.

During the last months, both on his blog and through his social networks, he offered his point of view about the coronavirus pandemic, and made different forecasts about the evolution of the current epidemiological context. For example, in February she spoke about the keys to prevent the next pandemicwhere he mentioned healthcare, innovation and early detection as fundamental elements to be reinforced.

In the last round of questions asked by users andn Reddit, the one from Seattle was asked about happiness, and the aspects of life that make him happier. “When he was 30 years old, I didn’t think 60-year-olds were very smart or had much fun. Now I have had the opposite feeling. Ask me 20 years from now and I’ll tell you how smart an 80-year-old man is,” one user replied.

However, it was not the only thing he said about it. On the determining aspects to achieve happiness, he highlighted four above the rest. The first of these, which was related to health, was keeping fit. “Meeting your own goals and objectives, such as exercising, helps happiness“, argued the tycoon.

The second aspect that he wanted to highlight Bill Gates is the generosity. Regarding this point, and according to the version offered by the employer, being generous is synonymous with satisfaction and well-being with oneself and with others. “I measure my happiness by whether the people close to me are happy and love me, and by the difference I make in other people’s livesIn the same way, he wanted to underline that happiness is obtained through a balance between giving and receiving.

Commitment to your work and social life, keys

Feeling commitment to your work and your professional activities is essential to achieve happiness, as stated by Bill Gates. Focus on a goal, keep the effort devoted to this taskand fulfilling the commitment to work until the end for what you love most, helps to achieve happiness.

But the fourth and one of the most important, goes through the social and family life of people. Spending time with friends and family is vital if a person wants to be happy. “They should be a priority and you should set aside time for family and friends. Make sure your personal relationships are healthy for you,” Gates said.

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The four keys of Bill Gates to be happy