The five tricks of the employee that Jeff Bezos hired with only two questions

In the year 2002, Ann Hiatt I was looking for a job at the big tech companies in the United States. After sending his CV to several companies, he received the call from amazon to do an interview about a job offer. After several meetings with different people and having passed the different selection phases, the young had to face Jeff Bezos. With only two questions The businessman decided to bet on Hiatt and immediately hired the candidate.

Since then, he has worked more than 15 years for Bezos and has been employed by other Silicon Valley companies, such as Google. Now the woman has wanted to share with the readers of the media CNCB five tips to impress instantly to a hiring manager during the job interview. All of them are based, he assured, on “the hundreds of interviews” that he has conducted over the decades of his professional career.

5 tips to stand out in your interviews

It is important to build a story behind the hobbies or hobbies that we have so that the interviewer does not forget us. Hiatt has assured that when he was doing selection processes at Google he was more focused on people who had a history that accompanies his interests. To do this, they explained the way in which they came to develop their hobby through reflections: “They did more than just say ‘I like gardening’ or ‘I love building furniture'”.

On the other hand, it stands out that on many occasions talking all the time about what you know how to do is a negative sign. The recruiter may interpret this to mean that the candidate “likes to stay in their lane and play it safe, rather than seek out new challenges and experiences.” To correct this, it would be wise Discuss what you want to improvethe skills you want to develop and the goals What do you want to achieve one day?

Individualism is fine, but up to a point. hiatt recommends talk about common successes of a work group, something that is difficult to verify, but that it is always positive to emphasize in interviews. Use expressions like “we achieved our goal” or “my team did a great job growing sales of that product.”

It is important share examples of moments in which it has failed. These serve to learn from mistakes and be better in the next attempts. In this sense, the expert has defended that Google quickly discards projects that do not work from the beginning. These serve so that employees are more energized and more motivated.

Finally, he recommends that when talking about the job, it is not done from a static point of view. You have to develop a “road map of what the position could be like and how it could develop the skills to take the company to the next level”. It is important to show the employer the vision of what his role could look like in a year or two.

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The five tricks of the employee that Jeff Bezos hired with only two questions