The ‘Facebook Papers’ put Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg on the ropes again

After a growing expectation throughout the weekend, this Monday the Facebook Papers. It is a series of newspaper articles that have been developed simultaneously by several US news media. They are based on documents leaked by Frances Haugen, the former employee of Facebook which he testified recently in front of the United States Senate.

The Facebook Papers they expose — and criticize — the actions of the social network when dealing with a very wide variety of situations. From the failures to detect and eradicate hate speech in certain countries and languages, to human trafficking, through disinformation and censorship, among many other issues, the investigations mainly focus on Mark Zuckerberg and his management model . And they also put on the table how, in most cases, it is the company’s own employees who warn about the shortcomings in the social network, but are ignored.

Below we offer you a compilation with the most important points that have been revealed in the last hours, in which it is surely worst Facebook crisis to date.

Everything passes through the hands of Mark Zuckerberg

One of the articles published by The Washington Post which is part of the Facebook Papers put the magnifying glass on Mark Zuckerberg’s interference in controversial decision-making. Beyond the logical situations that must have the endorsement of the CEO of a company, the founder of Facebook would have given the last word in some determinations that would be – to say the least – debatable.

The article focuses primarily on Facebook’s decision to apply censorship to the publications contrary to the rulers of Vietnam. Under the threat of being blocked in the country, Zuckerberg would have personally decided to obey the provisions of the authorities from Hanoi.

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The ‘Facebook Papers’ put Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg on the ropes again