The exercise and diet of the million that transformed Jeff Bezos into the super boss of Amazon

Jeff Bezos started his business from Amazon like a bookstore in the 1990s, when he was known in his circles as a bright young man, but “wimpy” because of his thin and “lanky” physique, for which no one would have bet.

Over the years it became the Amazon boss and became one of the three richest men in the world; With this evolution, his physique also changed, adapting to the lifestyle that he began to have with so much money and showing himself with a successful and “good-looking” image.

He multimillionaire he achieved an athletic body, which he now boasts at almost 60 years of age, thanks to a series of diets and exercises special features, as well as daily habits that make you attractive to some and inspiring to others.

His radical change began to show itself in 2017, when he adopted exercise as his faithful companion every day to work the muscles and when he began to follow special diets with foods from his acquisition of $14 billion dollars called Whole Foodsa supermarket focused on healthy products.

His physical change can be attributed to his personal trainer, wes okersonwho is the actors’ action coach Tom Cruise and Gerard Butler.

Bezos reportedly does training of endurance and low impact weights such as rowing, weights, and outdoor exercise with hiking and running uphill in mountains, swimming, and kayaking.

Jeff is believed to have started training with Okerson in 2021, ahead of a trip to St. Barts the millionaire took with friends.

Unlike other millionaires who work late and get up super early, Jeff bets on sleep at least eight hours straight every night; the number of hours clinically recommended to rest well, and take care of cognitive functioning, mood and mental health.

In a lecture he gave at the Economic Club of 2018, the billionaire said: “For me, I need eight hours of sleep. I think better, I have more energy, my mood is better”.

He added that sleeping eight hours straight helps him make better decisionswith a clear mind and the best spirits during the day, especially when it comes to work, your companies, your family and your investments.

In addition to resting at night, Jeff spends his time going out to have fun, taking pleasure trips, and spending quality time with his family and his promerica. Lauren Sanchez.

He businessman complements your personal habits and fitness with a diet rich in protein

Okerson is known for adding special foods to his training routinesespecially through ketogenic diets, high in fat, protein and low carbs.

While attending a conference in Sun Valley in 2017, Bezos said that he had never in his life eaten healthily with specific foods, but always ate what tasted good, like jars full of cookies. “I had never read a Nutrition Facts label in my life. I ate what tasted good to me,” he noted.

His foray into healthy food it was probably after the acquisition of Whole Foods, a health food chain.

According to reports, the diet of the third richest man in the world it is based on Mediterranean octopus with potatoes, bacon and green garlic yogurt for breakfast.

For the afternoon, the businessman normally eats poached eggs with more seafood, green leafy vegetables, sweet fruits and elements of the Mediterranean gastronomy; only sometimes he likes cheetos, which are his favorites.

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The exercise and diet of the million that transformed Jeff Bezos into the super boss of Amazon