The electric car that threatens the supremacy of Elon Musk

Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, General Motors … they all want to bite into Tesla, but Elon Musk’s company is ahead of them on everything. There only seems to be one company that could hurt you: Lucid. At least that is what the prestigious MotorTrend says: “Lucid’s first electric is totally a threat to Tesla and the luxury car makers. “They’ve tried it, and from what they describe in the article, it’s an awesome Tesla-busting machine.

The car is called Lucid Air Dream Edition R, a sedan that has more than 800 kilometers of autonomy and 933 horses. There is also a model called Air Dream Edition P, which has less autonomy (720 kilometers) but 1,111 horsepower, almost 100 horses more than the famous Tesla Model S Plaid that Has destroyed the best electric Porsche in all acceleration tests. The R is for Range and the P is the initial for Performance.

Interior del Lucid Air Dream Edition R (Lucid)

The Air Dream R pulverizes all the competition (except the Hydrogen toyota which, unlike this Lucid, is just a prototype). The Tesla Model S Long Range, says Jonny Lieberman of MotorTrend, gets 100 miles of range with “more power than any Lamborghini ever made.”

Without thinking about the mileage

According to Lieberman, the Air Dream R is meringue milk. For starters, driving it is a real enjoyment. Speaking of the accelerator, he notes that “the more I pressed it, the better the Lucid behaved.”

Like the Teslas, the Lucids are packed with sensors and cameras to aid in driving, from long-range and wide-angle cameras to laser and radar measurement systems (Lucid).

Then you totally forget about the nightmare of being thrown away. Lieberman tested the car from Los Angeles to San Francisco, beginning the journey with 809 kilometers in the estimated range displayed on the vehicle’s digital splasher and ending with 111 kilometers available.

Better technology than Tesla

The rest of the numbers also play in favor of Lucid and destroy King Tesla. Critics point out that the Model S Long Range has a 430 horsepower rear engine and weighs 133 kilos. The Air Dream R has engines of only 73 kilograms but gets 670 horsepower. That is to say 9.17 horsepower per kilo versus 3.2 horsepower per kilo Tesla engine. The difference in efficiency and power is overwhelming, almost three times more in favor of the Lucid.

Interior del Lucid Air Dream Edition R (Lucid)

Lieberman had already driven the Air Dream R on the Laguna Seca circuit prior to this range test. There he already said that at the level of performance, the Lucids liquidated the Tesla and the rest of the electric cars on the market. In hairpin bends, the car grips like limpet and has a sporty driving Excellent.

Detalle del Lucid Air Dream Edition R (Lucid)

Regarding the design, apart from personal aesthetic tastes, Lieberman gives the Lucid as the clear winner. Both in space distribution and in quality of finishes. Inside, says Lieberman, the materials are “fantastic.”

It is equipped much better than the Tesla – which he claims are very poor on the inside – Unlike Musk’s cars, the reviewer hints, it actually looks like it is worth the price you pay for it (a price that starts at 143.000 euros). It is at the height of the best BMW, Bentley or Mercedes. In fact, he says it is “one of the best interiors in the world.”

Integrated motor, inverter and transmission (Lucid)

All that’s left for Lucid is to start delivering cars to buyers. Apparently, unless they make us a tocomocho like Musk usually does with delayed deliveries of their vehicles, they will start to hit the roads before the end of 2021.