The effective WhatsApp trick for drivers to find parking fast

The overpopulation of vehicles and the little space that the city offers to park them means that each driver has a problem when leaving their car in a central area or during high traffic hours. Before going endless laps through unknown streets and wasting time to find a place, WhatsApp provides a practical and fast solution to this problem that a large part of the population has. The purchase of the famous messaging application in 2014 by the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, brought new changes to one of the most used applications worldwide. Thanks to one of the tools it provides, users will be able to find a place for their cars without wasting much time.

To carry out this trick, which saves time, no need to download any appexcept for messaging and Google Maps, so anyone with a cell phone smartphone is in a position to carry it out. And to put this new tool into practice, which can be very useful in times of great stress when traffic collapses, the user must enter WhatsApp, open a chat (it does not matter if it is their own chat or with someone else), press the paper clip icon at the bottom right and click on “Location”.

The effective WhatsApp trick to find fast parkingShutterstock – Shutterstock

Typically, this tool is used to send another user your location in real time. However, when you open it you can see the place where you are with a blue dot and other places of interest such as restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, service stations, hospitals, police stations, etc. with green dots.

Below all the options will appear a list with all the green points that appear on the mapin this case it will be a parking lot nearby, and the user must click on the place where they want to leave their vehicle and share it through the application. In this way, from the WhatsApp chat link, the user will be taken to Google Maps where they will only have to click on “Directions” and go directly to the nearest parking lot without the need to drive and look for a place to leave. your vehicle. In this way, the technology will lead in a more direct way to the desired place.

In times when time is short, this tool of the famous messaging application can quickly solve a problem that many drivers have in central areas or during high traffic hours, however, if the user uses this mode for each need he wants satisfy, you will be able to find different services and drive directly to the places you want to go.

It is worth mentioning that so many users of Android Like the ones of iOS they will be able to use this trick provided by the messaging application. In addition, in different circumstances, the users of the application can activate and send their location in real time, which is useful to meet someone in a certain place or to know where they are.

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The effective WhatsApp trick for drivers to find parking fast