The details of the augmented reality glasses and Apple’s ‘iVerse’

There are almost two months left for the announcement of the first Apple news of 2023, but everything indicates that it will bet on augmented reality and the metaverse.

It’s official: Manzana has an ace up his sleeve and it is the presentation of his augmented reality (AR) glasses. In addition, he steps on the accelerator for the creation of his own version of the metaverse.

The official announcement of the brand will be made in March 2023, when other news prepared by the company will arrive.

And it is that Apple apparently does not want to wait until June when it holds the traditional Worldwide Developers conference.

These are the details of the new glasses and what the metaverse will be like of the company founded by Steve Jobs.

$3,000 glasses

The business portal Bloomberg got the scoop on details of Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses, after an internal document leaked.

they will be called Reality Pro, will be based on the xrOS system, which has been ‘cooking’ for seven years. Also, they will cost about $3,000 in stores, when they arrive in October. If they arrive in Ecuador, they will be available a few weeks after their launch in the United States, and they will only be sold in official stores of the brand.

How will they be? Basically, the glasses will allow you to see objects in augmented reality thanks to the xrOS system, nicknamed Borealis in the company. Inside, they will have a M2 processorvery similar to the one used by Apple on Mac computers.

They also incorporate two 4K displays with micro LED technology, headphones and an external panel to show facial expressions. They will be made of aluminum, glass and carbon fiber.

Despite its price, with the new product Apple hopes to shore up its participation in the metaverse, in which only Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft have now participated.

iVerse, the other future project

Although the metaverse is still in the development stage, it is a virtual ecosystem that is not widely used.

One of its hurdles is that you need expensive AR glasses, like the ones just released by Meta, called QuestPro, priced at USD 1,500.

Additionally, Meta, which created and coined the term, has had trouble getting its employees use the metaverse.

Facing the current, Apple would also announce in March its intentions to create its metaverse. He is expected to call it ‘iVerse’, and would be accessible to users of the iOS world.

Suspicions are that the company, now run by Tim Cook, plans to build the metaverse in its own way, apart from the rest of the industry.

Even Mark Zuckerberg believes so, because in an interview with the specialized portal The Verge, he said that he is convinced that Apple “is making its own play towards Web 3.0”.

He added that he and Cook are in a “deep and philosophical competition about the direction the Internet should go.”

Other Apple news

In addition to the AR glasses, the Cupertino company plans to release other devices, such as new MacBook Proswhich will be in stores in the first half of 2023.

They will come in a similar size to the current 14-inch and 16-inch models, but will include upgraded processors, the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

Another renovation would be a 15-inch MacBook Airfor those looking for a lightweight laptop, but with a slightly larger and more powerful screen.

As for future iPhone models or smart watches, the company does not plan to launch more than updates or improvements to the operating system, since in 2023 everything indicates that it will bet on augmented reality and the virtual ecosystem.

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The details of the augmented reality glasses and Apple’s ‘iVerse’