The conundrum of Elon Musk’s political ideology

Here, too, his actions seem to reflect the strategies of someone who thinks not ideologically but pragmatically. Many of his donations were funneled to politicians in states where Tesla has manufacturing operations, such as Texas and California. He has given both Republican Governor Greg Abbott and Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

Musk has objected when politicians have tried to characterize his views as in sync with his own, insisting he would rather leave politics to others, despite ample evidence on Twitter to the contrary. Last year, Abbott defended a strict anti-abortion law that made the procedure virtually illegal in Texas and cited Musk’s support. “Elon constantly tells me that he likes the social policies in the state of Texas,” the governor said. But, Musk did not want to get involved in the issue.

“In general, I think that the government should rarely impose its will on the people and, in doing so, should aim to maximize their happiness,” he replied. On twitter. “That said, I would prefer to stay out of politics.”

If that’s the case, you often can’t seem to help yourself. He interrupts political figures who have taken a position with which he does not agree or who have apparently held him in contempt. Musk’s response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she would say that you should pay more income taxes It was: “Please do not call the manager, Senator Karen.”

After one of Musk’s Twitter followers pointed out that President Biden had failed to congratulate SpaceX on the successful completion of a private spaceflight last fall, Musk responded with an allusion reminiscent of Trump’s derisive nickname, “Sleepy Joe.” ”.

“He’s still sleeping,” he replied. Several days later, she criticized the Biden administration, saying “she’s not the friendliest” and accusing it of being controlled by the unions. These comments came just weeks after her insistence that she preferred to stay out of politics.

Few issues have fueled his anger as much as the coronavirus restrictions, which have hampered Tesla’s production operations in California and pushed it further into the decision it took last year to move his company’s headquarters to Texas. However, that move was largely symbolic, as Tesla still has its main production plant in Fremont, a Bay Area suburb of San Francisco, California, and a large office in Palo Alto.

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The conundrum of Elon Musk’s political ideology