The controversy of the day on LinkedIn… The Bezos paradox- 10,000 layoffs, a donation

At DIRIGENTES we make known every day what are the issues that concern large and small businessmen through social networks. Today, November 15, some of the most striking on LinkedIn talk about the massive layoffs in the Amazon company, the spiritual leadership and the strike called on Monday by the Platform in Defense of Transportation, which brings together self-employed truckers and SMEs.

Curves are coming in El Corte Inglés by Ainhoa ​​Iriberri

The best-known department stores in Spain and one of the world’s leading consultancies work together so that the former do not suffer from a more than possible drop in citizen consumption. The president of El Corte Inglés, Marta Álvarez Guil, has entrusted Accenture with a strategic plan to reduce structural costs in her company.

Spiritual leadership: in search of meaning by Marina Valero

Spiritual leadership is effective, successful, charismatic, influential, inspiring, empathetic, transformational and ethical, defends the writer Bettina Gallego. She understands spirituality as a search for meaning, pursuing a mission beyond ourselves or the company. What are its fundamentals?

Stopped trucks, but less by Miguel Angel Moreno

Road transport began a new strike on Monday. The Transport Defense Platform, which brings together self-employed truckers and SMEs, demands an increase in sanctions for companies that order shipments below cost.

The Bezos paradox: 10,000 layoffs, one donation by Ainhoa ​​Iriberri

First it was Twitter, then Tesla, and now Amazon. Mass layoffs seem to be the general trend of technology companies, although the latest ones have been announced with a timing suspicious. If the information from The New York Times is confirmed, Amazon will begin laying off some 10,000 workers this week- retail, HR and device-manufacturing departments. Of course, within a few years, Jeff Bezos will donate most of the 124,000 million dollars of his personal fortune while alive.

We are already 8,000 million by Miguel Angel Moreno

As of this Tuesday, the world population will exceed 8,000 million people. A record number —in 1952, just 70 years ago, we were barely 2.5 billion— fueled by developing countries, where 80% of that growth occurs. And a tremendous challenge of resource management to achieve sustainable development.

Two years of the teleworking law: only 9% is covered by Ana Munoz V

Teleworking is here to stay, but not at the expected pace. Two years after the entry into force of the law that regulates this modality, only 9% of employees are covered by an agreement that specifically regulates this practice, although the figure is three times higher than a year ago, according to the Ministry of Labour. The Bank of Spain calculates that three times as many people could work from home if all the companies that can offer this modality did so. The rule only requires remote work to be regulated in writing if it exceeds 30% of the day, so many companies limit themselves to offering one day a week and avoiding negotiation.

C&A, a textile giant instead with a peculiar heiress by Ainhoa ​​Iriberri

Last September, the owner of the C&A textile group died at the age of 94. She passed away when the retail chain was undergoing a transformation process. Its CEO since 2020, Giny Boer, set himself the goal that by 2027 50% of sales had to be on-line, which implied closing stores and a complete reorganization -also in Spain-, as highlighted in this post the retail consultant Javier Pérez de Leza, who also points out that the company has had a hard time adapting to digital evolution, being slow in its decision-making. The expert recalls that it is a family business and not just any dynasty, but the Brenninkmeijer, the third largest fortune in the world. This is an important fact, because the heiress, Marlene Engelhorn, is the co-founder of “Tax Me Now”, a group of left-wing billionaires who want the government to collect more from their inheritances and do it now. All this makes C&A a peculiar textile giant.

Bureaucracy blocks renewables from tripling by Andres Valdes Lopez

Dozens of photovoltaic and wind energy generation projects, which add up to an installed capacity of 100 GW -the country now has 58 GW- see their viability endangered by the inability of the autonomous communities to process the environmental impact declarations of the new plants before of January 25. After that date, negative silence is applied and the projects return to the starting box after years of processing and a twelve-month extension.

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The controversy of the day on LinkedIn… The Bezos paradox- 10,000 layoffs, a donation