The controversy of the day in LinkdedIn… Goodbye to purchases on Instagram

At DIRIGENTES we make known every day what are the issues that concern large and small businessmen through social networks. Today, January 19, some of the most striking on LinkedIn talk about the elimination of the interface of the sales and purchases service on Instagram, the 25 fastest growing professions in Spain in 2023 and the data that highlights the reality of students and private classes.

Goodbye to shopping on Instagram for Ana Munoz

Mark Zuckerberg takes a step back again and will remove the shopping interface within Instagram in February. This functionality never caught on in the app because the process wasn’t as easy as intended and it ended up being used more as a storefront than an online store.

Booming jobs: these are the 25 professions that are growing the most for Marina Valero

Sales specialists, cybersecurity analysts, logistics experts, engineers or heads of clinical trials: these are some of the 25 jobs that have grown the most in the last five years in Spain. The commercial, logistic and technological profiles are in luck, but they are not the only ones.

The paradox: there is a lack of workers and there are plenty of unemployed for Miguel Angel Moreno

The contrast is evident. At the same time that in Spain there are more than 2.8 million unemployed —very many, although it is the lowest figure in 15 years—, the Government seeks to expedite the procedures to incorporate foreign workers in positions that are difficult to cover, many of them in the building.

Workday? What’s that? for Ana Munoz

Respecting the established schedules is one of the great pending subjects of the companies. In fact, one in three Labor inspections on working hours and overtime ended in sanction. The infractions range from not compensating for the time that exceeds a normal shift to falsifying the record of the working day (mandatory since 2019), to systematic non-compliance with the agreed schedule. The total sum of the fines filed amounted to 13.7 million euros in 2022, according to the Ministry of Labor.

The controversy of the day in LinkdedIn Goodbye to purchases

Your income (also) marks your private classes for Miguel Angel Moreno

There is a ‘boom’ of support classes: 47% of students receive them and it is a sector that moves 1,700 million euros a year, according to the INE Household Expenditure on Education Survey. Private teachers reach students of all educational models, but a study by the Esade EcPol study center reveals that the poorest households spend 53% on reinforcing core subjects, while the wealthiest invest 56% on languages. Likewise, the average spending on support per student in a private center is almost three times that of a student in public education; a difference that is exacerbated in ESO and Baccalaureate.

Booming jobs with the highest wages for Marina Valero

Of the jobs that are growing the most in Spain, which offer the highest salaries? According to data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph, engineering directors can earn 80,000 euros a year, followed by investment banking analysts (73,000 euros), computer engineers (67,000 euros) in specialties such as data, solutions, reliability of site or cloud systems, developers (49,000 euros) and cybersecurity specialists (48,000 euros).

LLL or why ‘school’ never ends for Ainhoa ​​Iriberri

Finishing your studies is far from stopping learning, more than ever in the current reality. The general director of the IESE business school, Franz Heukamp, ​​comments in an article on LinkedIn that we are living in the era of life long learning (LLL). What does this mean? That it is no longer worth studying -whatever- period. We have to train constantly and for life.

Do you know what OCA is? now you should for Ainhoa ​​Iriberri

What is most worrying about the latest measure to try to reduce the runaway inflation of food – the elimination and lowering of VAT on various products – is that the supermarkets do not impute the measure to the consumer and that in the end they continue to pay the same. It had already been said that the Government will be keeping an eye out so that this does not happen, but now it has been known who will do it specifically. This is the Food Chain Observatory (OCA), an organization created in 2013, which until now met twice a year and which, according to ABC, lacks sanctioning capacity. His job was already complicated: monitoring prices at source until the end. But now, his tasks are multiplying.

Guide to continue being a leader in 2030 for Ainhoa ​​Iriberri

You may have started 2023 very well and your leadership skills are clear, but unless retirement is just around the corner, you want to maintain them for a few years. The entrepreneur Jesús Hijas knows this well, who takes advantage of a report by the PwC consultancy to highlight the six messages that current leaders need to know if they want to continue to be so in 2030.

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The controversy of the day in LinkdedIn… Goodbye to purchases on Instagram