The co-founder of Google leaves Elon Musk’s companies after his infidelity with his wife

Elon Musk, last December in Berlin.

In addition to an imprecise number of children, an affair with Johnny Depp’s ex-wife In the middle of the judicial process of both and an almost gothic-style couple, the tycoon Elon Musk wreaks havoc on other relationships, as if his own were not enough. As reported this Sunday by the newspaper The Wall Street Journalthe bible of the American economic press, with a note halfway between gossip and the balance of corporate results, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX caused the breakup of the couple formed by the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan, with the one that the richest man in the world had an affair at the beginning of December in Miami.

Brin, who in 2008, coinciding with the Great Recession, invested half a million dollars in the Tesla project, filed for separation in January after three years of marriage and a child together, and then ordered his advisers to divest every penny in Musk’s companies, according to the economic newspaper. The alleged infidelity has dynamited the friendship between the two businessmen, which dates back to ancient times. In 2015, Musk gave his friend one of the first electric cars made by Tesla.

The amount of Brin’s personal investments in Musk’s companies, whose fortune is valued at $242 billion, is unknown. Brin is seven points below his rival on the world’s wealthiest list, the eighth richest thanks to a net worth of $94.6 billion. It is also unknown whether the disinvestment has taken place totally or partially.

Musk is headline meat. Not only because of its noisy business performance, with recurring controversies about the safety of its cars, or as evidenced by the announced and then canceled purchase of Twitter; or for the dust raised on the social network, defending freedom of expression, including the return of the account to Donald Trump, while betting on the Republican party. His private life is a treasure trove of news and this affair with Shanahan, the latest in a series of very juicy revelations for the pink press… and the salmon-colored one.

Earlier this year it emerged that in November he had fathered twins with Shivon Zilis, a senior executive at his artificial intelligence company Neuralink. The birth of the twins took place a few weeks before the arrival in the world of his second child with the pop star Grimes, a girl named Y (the eldest son is called X, short for X AE A-2). The egocentric tycoon took the parental moonlighting with humor, tweeting: “Doing everything we can to help the depopulation crisis”. Musk has nine (acknowledged) children in total: five with his first wife (the three youngest, born in 2006); the twins and the two offspring with Grimes, from whom he separated months ago.

With Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp, he had a relationship when the actor and she had already divorced, but the affair was used against the actress in the stormy and mediatic defamation trial, in which Heard was torn to pieces by the opinion public. Musk also hangs over the opprobrium of sexual harassment. According to the portal Insiderhis space travel company SpaceX paid a flight attendant $250,000 for her silence over her boss’s alleged sexual harassment in 2016. Musk called the worker’s accusations “totally false” and said they were meant to interfere with his buying operation. Twitter, a vaudeville mess that the tycoon himself feeds without the need for third parties.

Musk’s dalliance with Shanahan occurred in December during the Art Basel fair in Miami, after which Musk took advantage of another event to apologize to Brin on his knees, according to the Journal, which highlights infidelity on its cover. Brin and Shanahan are negotiating the terms of her divorce and she aspires to achieve a billion dollars, the newspaper emphasizes, despite the existence of a prenuptial agreement whose clauses are, at the moment, a secret.

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The co-founder of Google leaves Elon Musk’s companies after his infidelity with his wife