The bad habits that Bill Gates and Elon Musk had before they were successful

It is not a secret for anyone that Bill Gates and Elon Musk are on the list of the most successful men in the world. Their companies and the good habits they say they profess have been just one of the keys that have taken them to the top.

However, before reaching the power that precedes them today, these two tycoons also had to leave some bad practices behind that held back their promising futures. Which were?

The question becomes precise because the news is always titled: How to achieve success?, the advice of millionaire entrepreneurs to become like them. And on that infinite list is reading a book, surrounding yourself with people who add up, being risky.

Nevertheless, Bill Gates and Elon Musk also had periods where bad habits entered their lives when they were young.

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‘He didn’t do anything until the last minute’: Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and inventor.


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When I got into the business it was a really bad habit and it took me a couple of years to get over it.

Although it seems ironic, the creator of one of the most efficient software in the world, he was a true procrastinator for several years.

In fact, at Harvard University, where he only lasted two years, Gates was recognized as “the guy who didn’t do anything until the last minute,” he told students at the University of Nebraska College of Business Administration. -Lincoln in a 2005 question-and-answer session with billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

Now, the tycoon tries not to return to his bad habit, because In the business world, efficiency and punctuality are something that comes with it. “When I got into the business, it was a really bad habit and it took me a couple of years to get over it,” Gates said.

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He even mentioned in his panel discussion at the University of Nebraska that the business world left him many lessons and several blows: “Nobody praised me because I would do things at the last minute.”

Therefore, the businessman decided to correct his behavior and organize his time. However, he admits that it is something that is still in the works, but pointed out forcefully that “procrastination is not a good habit.”

‘I used to drink large amounts of caffeine’: Musk

The businessman confessed to the world one of his worst habits

The businessman and owner of the Tesla company, too, He confessed to the world one of his worst habits, which he had to leave in order to be on his way to his goals.

Musk came to work 120 hours a week, that is, that per day he worked more than 17 hours. On average, people work a maximum of 10 hours a day. Therefore, the businessman reached almost twice the normal person.

This, as heroic as it may seem, sIt only left Musk without hours of sleep, which meant he drank copious amounts of caffeine.

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“There were probably times where it took like eight [cocas de dieta] a day or something ridiculous”, he confessed to the German automobile magazine Auto Bild in 2014.

The habit led him to an addiction with which he had to fight

“I used to drink so much coffee … it made me very excited,” Musk recalled. What experts say generated anxiety, stress and an addictive cycle in the businessman.

For this reason, the owner of SpaceX said in the interview that he “changed his caffeinated drinks for a bit of H2O,” reported ‘CNBC’.

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The bad habits that Bill Gates and Elon Musk had before they were successful