The 6 keys to productivity in a company, according to Elon Musk

You may or may not like it, you may be very far from his opinions and the ways in which he runs his companies, even so, it is difficult not to pay attention to the advice of the richest man in the world, since somehow he must have had to get there. . What Elon Musk is looking for is productivity, and today we will tell you what are the 6 keys to achieve it in a company, according to himself.

The Twitter situation under Musk’s command is not going as he expected, but that does not mean that the tycoon does not trust that he can reverse it. For this, this week Sent an email to his workers in which he warned them that they were going to arrive a few weeks of “hardcore work” full of long hours and high intensity.

The employees who joined this proposal (they had no other left either) They received an email with 6 keys to achieve the desired productivitywhich has been leaked, and now we all know the keys that Musk has used in Tesla, Space X and soon also on Twitter.

1. Avoid long meetings

According to Musk long meetings waste workers time and energy that it could be much more valuable if it were invested in something else. In addition, as far as the worker is concerned, do not usually offer benefits for this since normally not everyone will be able to speak and it discourages debate among other things.

2. Leave the meeting if you are not contributing

Watching without doing anything doesn’t help, which is why the tycoon thinks that if you’re not going to contribute ideas, what’s being said won’t affect you and you can’t make decisions on the matter, it’s better if you’re not there. “It’s not rude to leave a meeting, it’s rude to waste people’s time.” it says in the mail.

3. Forget the chain of command

Quick communication makes decision making quick tooTherefore, for Musk, it is better that you directly comment something to a colleague rather than tell your boss so that he can tell another boss and tell your partner.

4. Be clear, not witty

Be direct, simple and clear It is much more effective and productive than using technical words and difficult to understand, easy communication leads to efficiency.

5. Stop meeting frequently

Meetings should be held to collaborate, solve urgent problems and close frontsOnce this is done, having meetings every other day serves no purpose other than wasting people’s time, according to Musk. There are other ways, like send a message or an email that does not interrupt work.

6. Use common sense

Musk believes that if a company policy doesn’t apply to you, doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t help the situation, don’t blindly follow the rules, follow your principles.

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The 6 keys to productivity in a company, according to Elon Musk