The 2 questions Jeff Bezos asked a worker he hired on the spot

Jeff Bezos it is an icon in itself. The CEO of AmazonLike other big business leaders, he is not just one of the richest men in the world, He is also a guru in the workplace and professional. His mentality, not only when it comes to working, but also when hiring people for his own company, is part of his success and differentiates him from other large multinationals.

This is how one of her employees tells it, who in 2002 found herself, without eating or drinking it, applying for a position at Amazon. As Ann Hiatt relates to CNBC He had never considered ending up working for this online commerce giant, but as is usually said, he threw out his resume on Amazon. The surprise came when he was called in for a first interview for the assistant position.

The stages of the selection process They were happening until it was time to face the final interview, in which Bezos himself was present. He was in charge of asking only two questions in that interview, but they were decisive for the achievement of the position.

How do you think

The first was related to logical thinking. As Hiatt recounts, Bezos asked him to estimate the number of glass or crystal panels in the city of Atlanta. The interviewee understood that what Bezos wanted was to see your ability to reason and your way of thinking. After doing, together, the precise calculations as indicated by this applicant for the position, they reached a result that did not displease the CEO of Amazon.

The second question was: “What are your work goals?”. There, Hiatt understood that Jeff Bezos wanted to know what his potential was, his courage and his ability to work alongside him, being consistent and improving. Ann Hiatt explained that she felt good working outside her comfort zone and that she had seen that Amazon was a place with passionate and ambitious workers and that she wanted to learn from them.

By the end of the interview, Hiatt fully understood the purpose of Bezos’s questions, and Bezos understood that Ann would do everything possible to be a successful person. This junior applicant got, at the same time, the CEO of Amazon to grant her the position and also assign the work table closest to his own.

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The 2 questions Jeff Bezos asked a worker he hired on the spot