The 2 pizza rule that Jeff Bezos used at Amazon to be more productive

This rule of the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, became a reference to determine the size of the work teams in Amazon and achieve the objectives quickly.

In order to organize a productive meeting, it is important to follow several methods and models. Steve Jobs, for example, used to start all his meetings with a great question that had a great impact on his team. Another successful character who adopted a model that helped him stay on top with one of the most valued companies in the world is Jeff Bezos.

The founder and CEO of Amazon, cracked the code to make work meetings more productive. He realized that poor planning could lead managers to talk too much and waste valuable timeIt is for this reason that one of the keys to success was minimizing the number of meetings to increase efficiency.

The two-pizza team model implemented at Amazon

The two pizza rule was the main idea that is carried out in Amazon so that all meetings turned out to be the best. According to Bezos, meeting six hours a year was enough, and never doing it in the morning.

This way, the rule stated that no team should be larger than the number of people that can be adequately fed by two large pizzas.

This method quickly gained attention and recognition in the business arena, a practice that encouraged the creation of small, self-contained, cross-functional teams that were responsible for all facets of their area of ​​focus.

Over time, it was shown that The two-pizza rule encouraged teams to be more agile, promoted faster decision-making, and allowed more fluid communication among members. They were especially effective in product development tasks, where dependencies and internal barriers had hindered innovation.

However, as Amazon and Jeff Bezos dug deeper into enforcing the rule, some significant challenges arose. Sometimes just two pizzas were not enough to effectively tackle complex and ambitious projects.

The size of the team did not always determine its success, but what was important was having a capable leader with the necessary experience to lead, as well as manage a team whose sole focus was accomplishing the assigned task. It was confirmed that the presence of a strong and competent leader turned out to be a fundamental factor for success than the size of the team itself.

From the two-pizza rule to the STL approach



It is for this reason that the e-commerce giant has gradually evolved towards a single-threaded team-leading model, better known as STL. It is an approach that involves working on a single task at a time, allowing the team leader to concentrate fully in carrying out the project without the slightest distraction.

It means that instead of focusing solely on the size of the work team, it is crucial to assign a leader with the right skills, authority and experience, giving him full responsibility to meet the established objectives. In this way, the conclusion is reached that a team is not based on its size, but on a combination of key elements.

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The two pizza rule, implemented by Jeff Bezos during his tenure as CEO of Amazon, it was a successful methodology in team management for a long time, but now it has been proven that the size of the work group alone is not the only determinant of success.

Now, the focus has shifted to effective leadership and full dedication to the assigned task. Amazon’s start-up of the STL approach is now an inspiring new example of how to adopt and evolve management practices in a for optimal results.

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The 2 pizza rule that Jeff Bezos used at Amazon to be more productive