”That will never work”: Bill Gates contradicts one of the main recommendations against climate change

Climate change will never be solved by asking or expecting others to lead a greener lifestyleaccording to Bill Gates, either changed his diet or his ways of consumption.

In a podcast of BloombergGates said that the expectations that people would go to “totally change their lifestyle because of climate concerns” are “unrealistic”.

Gates refers especially to the recommendation to significantly reduce meat consumption, something that international organizations have said on several occasions and that in Spain was the focus of controversy after a campaign of the Ministry of Consumption.

Gates, the fifth richest person in the world, has been making public its interest in avoiding the climate crisis for a long time. He has written a book on the subject advocating eco-innovation and investing in this area himself through his and his ex-wife’s foundation.

Although Gates has a long history of working to alleviate the effects of climate change, the Microsoft co-founder stressed that “There are not so many people prepared to be worse off due to climate problems”.

“Anybody who says we’re going to tell people to stop eating meat, or to stop wanting to have a nice house, and that we’re going to basically change human desires, I think that’s too difficult,” he said. “You can make an argument for it. But I don’t think it’s realistic for that to play an absolutely central role.”

Green premiums, a vehicle that Gates does see as appropriate

Gates, whose foundations have invested hundreds of millions in climate initiatives, said last year that the so-called “green premiums” -that offer people the possibility of paying more to do or consume the same things without the emissions they generate, could be a viable solution to reduce emissions without requiring people to rethink their consumption habits.

Gates was also cautious about when renewable energy will be able to avoid dependencies on territories like Russia as well. “Right now you can’t call Putin and tell him that the West is going to forget about him and his resources,” he said.

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”That will never work”: Bill Gates contradicts one of the main recommendations against climate change