Tesla’s yoke-type steering wheel “is of little use” and is not safe, and Elon Musk loves it that way

The latest generation of Tesla Model S y Tesla Model X, presented at the beginning of this year, brought with it an important novelty inside. And it is that beyond the renovation to which both models had been subjected in terms of image and technology, the element that captured the most headlines at that time was the inclusion of a yoke type steering wheel what to Tesla is serving you as a cool marketing tool.

We already know that Tesla is betting everything on autonomous driving with its Autopilot, and if it were up to Elon Musk himself, he would remove the steering wheels from his cars today. The yoke-type steering wheel is a mere step towards it, and while couldn’t get the Tesla Model Y to do without it, everything indicates that he will try again with the compact electric car the company works on.

Now the controversial yoke-style steering wheel has once again become the center of attention because the reputed American magazine Consumer Reports has acquired a new Tesla Model S to analyze it, and it equips the yoke-type steering wheel, an element that is not pleasing to the journalist who has first been able to get his hands on the Model S test.

From the magazine they do not repair criticism at the wheel, and about him they emphasize that it is not practical, as “it is of little use” and it generates “possible security problems”.

Dashboard and steering wheel of the new Tesla Model S.

They commented more deeply on him: “In the course of a full week, 10 of our Test drivers have reported it slipping from their hands during turns, which generated each pain and discomfort From grasping the handles during a highway cruise, the hands of a particular tester didn’t fit properly in the yoke grips, and we accidentally honked while trying to turn several times. “

Despite all of the above, the head of Tesla continues to make the yoke-type steering wheel and his criticisms a circus. The last thing Elon Musk commented on the steering wheel was responding to one of his followers on Twitter, who asked if there was any practical reason behind Tesla’s decision to design such a steering wheel. The CEO of the brand answered the question saying: “Well, another round and boring steering wheel blocks the screen. With the yoke-type steering wheel, the Autopilot in panoramic mode is much better”.

The steering wheel has not fallen too well with many of Tesla’s followers, who have openly criticized it, as well as among the workers themselves and people close to Tesla. Without going any further, one of the drivers responsible for the record mark that the Model S Plaid has achieved at the Nürburgring I preferred not to make any kind of comments about him.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid.

Be that as it may, the truth is that this flyer continues to make Tesla make headlines, and that with it people continue to talk about the brand and its products, a result that cannot be more than what Elon Musk tried from a first moment with him.

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