Tesla Semi, this is the zero-emission truck that Elon Musk manufactured

Elon Musk does not stop working on technological developments and, finally, five years after Tesla presented the development of its first electric truck: the Tesla Semi, Musk confirmed on Twitter that production of his zero-emission truck has already started.

The first units will be delivered to the multinational PepsiCo on December 1, reported the businessman of South African origin, with a year of delay as originally planned by Tesla.

Tesla is expected to deliver 15 of 100 units of the Semi that the company that sells soft drinks and rehydration drinks reserved, so that the fleet could reduce its costs by fuel use and emissions.

through the social network the also owner of Space X reported that the autonomy of Tesla’s electric trucks will be 500 miles (about 800 kilometers) and that It will be “a lot of fun to drive.”

Musk said when Tesla first introduced the Semi in November 2017 that would go into production two years later. While prospective customers, including Walmart Inc. and Anheuser-Busch InBev SA, made deposits, the automaker ended up prioritizing Model 3 sedan production and Model Y sport utility vehicles for consumers while dealing with battery cell and semiconductor supply issues

Last January, Musk told analysts that Tesla would not release any new models this year due to parts limitations. He changed his tune about it three days after the United States Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Law, which made heavy-duty electric trucks eligible for federal tax credits of up to $40,000. The CEO tweeted on August 10 that the company would start shipping Semis with 500 miles of range this year.

What are Tesla electric trucks like?

Tesla’s Semis They have three independent motors that provide instant torque that will allow them to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 20 seconds, at full load, and maintain highway speed even on steep gradients.

The vehicle offers a center driving position for an optimal visualization of the road. The driver has at his disposal two large digital touch screenslocated on each side of the steering wheel. In addition to controlling vehicle parameters.

As for the information on the power of its engines, There are no official data in this regard, but specialized motorsport websites estimate that it is above the 1,300 horsepower.

As already mentioned, the Semi will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 20 seconds, but it would do it with a load of up to 36 tons.

It is rumored that he will equip a battery pack with a capacity close to 1 megawatt hour of capacity. –1,000 kilowatt hours–.

To recharge the trucks, the owners will have to use megacharger chargers, which are 10 times more powerful than current Superchargers. Tesla promises up to 650 kilometers of autonomy with just 30 minutes of recharging.

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Tesla Semi, this is the zero-emission truck that Elon Musk manufactured