Tesla Releases Beta 10 of FSD, Elon Musk’s “Mind-blowing” Autonomous Driving (Video) | electric car forum

The first free users and beta testers who have just received version 10 of autonomous driving (FSD) from Tesla, have begun flooding social media with videos testing software that Elon Musk announced as’Amazing«.

When almost a year has passed since Tesla began testing, with a select group of users, the beta version of the long-awaited software package that turns the brand’s vehicles into autonomous electric cars, the latest and most promising update arrives.

Despite be officially a Level 2 attendance, the FSD Tesla allows vehicles to operate autonomously on the streets and highways of different cities, without the need for these to be previously digitized in the system like other technologies.

Tesla FSD beta 10

Despite names like Autopilot or Total Autonomous Driving, the Tesla that incorporate the latest beta version 10, they still need the active and vigilant presence of the driver at all times and that he has his hands on the wheel, to be able to act in the event of any emergency or system failure.

The FSD beta 10 which is coming to the beta tester fleet these days, part of the 2020.24.15 update. Now the first videos show substantial changes to the main screen interface of the Model 3 and Y, and also in the secondary of the Model S and X.

The visualization of the environment shown by the vehicle is cleaner and less ‘robotic’ compared to previous versions, showing a computerized augmented reality more in line with reality.

Improvements and evolution

Although the FSD beta 10 performance on the highway is virtually identical to Autopilot possessed by any Tesla of recent years, this version represents a step forward in terms of the ability to recognize the environment and interact with it in streets and urban environments, where it makes a difference.

This latest version has been preceded by the qualifier of «Amazing‘by the CEO of Tesla, in a clear attempt to create interest and media attention that helps him spread the announced ‘virtues’ and make him forget the delay in the fulfillment of his predictions, when it comes to making reality his promise to turn all Tesla with FSD into robotaxis and autonomous electric cars.

At the moment, and waiting for more data, from FCE We have compiled the first videos that start to appear of Tesla vehicles with the newly installed FSD beta 10 version, including a test in the tortuous Lombard Street de San Francisco at night.

Try downtown San Francisco at night

Tesla FSD beta 10

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