Take a look inside Bill Gates’ fastest car

Despite not having an exotic garage with Bugatti or Lamborghini cars as we would expect from a billionaire, Bill Gates has a peculiar collection. One of his cars stands out for its high performance and speed and, without a doubt, for being one of the businessman’s favorites. Slide and find out more!

as we suspectedBill Gates is among the richest people in the world, specifically, he is ranked number 4. having created the Microsoft company and the operating system for computers, Windowsthey have given him an impressive estate with a value of $109.1 billiona figure difficult to believe but real.

Much of his money is donated to charitable causes or scientific research, and also divided among his 3 children. However, also invest in your special garage, where we find the widest variety of cars. Since great jewels like his Ferrari 348 to humbler models like his prized $15,000 Ford Focus.

One of his tanks stands out in his collection for its impressive performance and speed. Its about Porsche 959 Sport, which also comes with a peculiar history. Businessman He acquired this model in 1987 but it was not until 1991 that he was able to drive it because it did not meet the crash test required by the United States.

The 959 Sports was manufactured between 1986 and 1993 and was considered the fastest street-legal production car in the world.. He himself has a V6 engine which produces a power of 450 hp. Also, run up to a maximum speed of 317km/h, becoming the fastest vehicle in the IT garage. Its price is estimated to have been 225 thousand dollars, but today it could be worth much more.

Despite not having an exotic and flashy collection like other billionaires, Gates knows how to choose his cars for their history and value. The Porsche 959 Sports is one of his favorite models without a doubt and that is why he decided to lead a campaign to homologate this type of vehicle in his country. and be able to drive it freely without having to carry out the crash test.

Bill Gates took 4 years to drive his fastest car.

+ The interior of Bill Gates’ Porsche 959 Sports 1987

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Take a look inside Bill Gates’ fastest car