Sun Valley: the paradise that brings together the world’s biggest millionaires and celebrities

z”The Sun Valley conferences are known for being the place where tech moguls and the media come together to do a little fly fishing and strike multi-million dollar merger deals, while various paparazzi flit for a photo of Mark Zuckerberg with the polar vest of the season”, wrote the journalist Hamilton Nolan in the year 2021 in the British medium The Guardian. “Or more to the point, the Sun Valley conferences are, like the Davos Forum, a mechanism for the concentration of wealth dressed casually,” he added wryly.

It is done more exactly in the Sun Valley Lodge Resort, a paradisiacal tourist complex in Idaho, United States, where every July, since 1983, hundreds of billionaires and influential figures spend a few days of tranquility and rest. It would be something like a retreat for the cream of the world’s famous 1 percent richest. In other words, 1% of 1%. HE.

Starting this Wednesday, the richest people on the planet are all together, participating in events and conferences paired with different bone and relaxation activities. There, for example, in past editions, the merger of the Walt Disney Company with Capital Cities/ABC in 1995, the acquisition of NBCUniversal by Comcast in 2009; and Jeff Bezos’ foray into the media with the purchase of The Washington Post.

Some of his attendees are Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Sam Altman, leader of OpenAI, the company behind Chat-GPT; Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce; Bob Iger, CEO of Disney; and Warren Buffett.

The closest thing around here, locally, is the Llao Llao Forum that makes the red circle in Bariloche, more precisely in the Hotel Llao – Llao, hence its name. It is the annual meeting that brings together the most important businessmen in the country in the tourist city of Río Negro.

Sun Valley, in Blaine County, Idaho, has always been an innovative winter retreat, conceived as an imitation of the European opulence of Davos or St. Moritz.

It was the place chosen by W. Averell Harriman, heir to the transport giant Union Pacific, to create the first luxury winter resort in his country.

Harriman hired a pro-Nazi Austrian nobleman, Count Felix von Schaffgotsch, to carry out the work and fulfill his dreams. The count brought his own crews directly from Germany and Austria to carry out the construction that was modern and avant-garde at the time. In fact, it was the first major ski resort in the United States and had the first chairlift back in 1936.

It was only known for that or for being “the place where Ernest Hemingway died” until 50 years ago, when an investment bank decided that this mountainous area, at an altitude of 1,800 meters, where barely 1,400 souls are counted in the months tourist destinations, it could be the perfect place for your clients and friends to spend a few summer days.

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Sun Valley: the paradise that brings together the world’s biggest millionaires and celebrities