Starlink arrives in Spain: these are the rates and so you can hire Elon Musk’s internet

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Starlink, the great project satellite internet connection, has arrived in Spain. Users who made the reservation of the service in our countryWith its consequent cost, they have already begun to receive emails about the availability of the service, which arrives with a limited speed of between 100 and 200 megabytes per second.

In this way, these same customers can consult the Starlink website for their personal address to check if there is coverage in their area. This service depends on whether it is active in the customer’s area; If it is not, the user can pay 99 euros to make the reservation. If you can already access this service, you can purchase the service.

Received mail advises customers of some Starlink limitations regarding their arrival. There will be some “short periods” in which there is no connection, and furthermore, they warn that Starlink’s performance will improve as SpaceX launches more and more satellites.

Starlink in Spain

This email is notifying users about the arrival of Starlink in Spain officially, but urges customers to review its coverage on its website. It is very simple; an address search box appears on SpaceX’s own page, prompting the user to enter their usual address.

If there is no coverage in the established area, the customer will be asked to pay 99 euros for the reservation deposit, as well as 60 euros for shipping and handling. The service will cost 99 euros per month and will have to be paid 500 euros for the necessary equipment for the proper functioning of Starlink.

In addition, a new charge called “Regulatory Fee” of 9 euros per month. According to the information provided by SpaceX itself in this regard, this fee is used to finance the cost of the license to use the electromagnetic spectrum in the public domain established by the National Markets and Competition Commission or CNMC. In this way, the monthly price stays in 108 euros.

Starlink and its rate.

Manuel Fernandez


Unfortunately, the website is limited to simply promising that there will be coverage in 2022, without giving a specific date. According to the mail that has been provided to Starlink customers, after the deposit the user will be able to receive “service in the future”.

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Starlink arrives in Spain: these are the rates and so you can hire Elon Musk’s internet