Square, the payment platform created by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, arrives in Spain

The Square payment solution, developed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, arrives in Spain with the launch of its Early Access Program for companies and freelancers. The platform, which offers an integrated solution of software and hardware tools for companies, already has a test service so that entities and professionals who wish to can request the system test, designed so that they have facilities to allow card payment , both in physical stores and online, to your customers.

Square, which will be generally available throughout the next year 2022 after buy the Spanish Verse last year, already has a presence in Europe, since it has been present for years in Norway and the United Kingdom. And this year it has already arrived in Ireland and France. Spain is therefore the third country in Europe where it disembarks in 2021. In addition, the company has a presence in the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan.

With its platform, companies and freelancers who need a payment solution will not only be able to accept card payments in physical stores, but they will also be able to create an online store, access their income and manage the inventory of a store. They will also be able to carry out other operations, such as controlling the kitchen in restaurants or managing reservations.

Among the first products that Square is going to launch in Spain for companies is Square Terminal, which is used to accept contactless card payments, Apple Pay and Google Play. He too TPV Square, a point of sale terminal with which companies and businesses that use it can, among other things, manage and accept a payment in a face-to-face store. They will also arrive Analisis Square, the company’s real-time statistics platform, and Ventas online Square, a set of tools to create an online store with an integrated payment process.

Jason Lalor, CEO of Square Europe, which has expressed its satisfaction at its arrival in Spain, highlighted that Square’s hardware and software ecosystem “has been designed with companies of all types and sizes in mind, with the aim of helping them adapt, manage and grow. We are delighted to begin collaborating with the diverse Spanish business community to further refine and improve our products before the official launch, thus ensuring that we offer the solutions that Spanish companies need to thrive, both in physical stores and online.«.

SMEs and freelancers who are interested in trying Square through its Early Access Program can sign up on this web page to get more information and also to obtain a place to participate in the program, since these are limited and are granted by order of registration.

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