Space students Branson and Bezos win Shameless Prize 2021 | Richard Branson

mevery christmas Foreman Business Agenda has its eyes set on the previous year in an effort to highlight business stars who might not otherwise have been recognized for their work. At first glance, 2021 looked a lot like 2020 – a pandemic, multiple lockdowns, and a new wave of infections to round it all out – but it soon became clear that there were still candidates who deserve special recognition.

Sir Richard Branson Self-Promotion Award

And the winner is … sir Richard Branson. The winner of the award of the same name took his ego to the last place he had not yet colonized: space. Of course, we are used to being billionaires, but where sailing used to be the game of choice, now it’s rockets.

After years of Branson’s broken promises that a launch was right around the corner, his company, Virgin Galactic, needed to get to space (or close to it, according to some controversial definitions of where the atmosphere ends) before they did. competitors. So he subtly waited for Bezos to set a release date. strange ‘anthropomorphic’ The spacecraft in July, and then jumped out of his ship. nine days ago.

Jeff Bezos left his staff in no doubt about how grateful he was for the hard work that funded a trip to space. Foto: Alain Jocard / AFP / Getty Images

Sports Direct Award for the outstanding financial contribution to its president

However, Bezos certainly can’t feel that hard to come by at this year’s awards. After all, you’ve already provided our next device – to Amazon workers for their own financing. A short trip out of the environment..

“I want to thank all the Amazon employees and all the Amazon customers, because you guys paid for it all,” said billionaire Stetsoned in July after returning to Earth. Workers fight for union recognition In the extensive warehouses of the renowned company, of course, he will accept their gratitude and never mention it in salary negotiations.

Ben van Beurden the Shell
Shell’s Ben van Beurden and other bosses demonstrated amazing head-burying skills. Photo: Benoit Tessier / Reuters

Alok Sharma Award for Climate Action

While your failure to remove the coal That brought the head of climate talks at COP26 in the UK to tears.This year’s honor returns to the oil industry once again. The UK giants led by Shell’s Ben van Beurden and BP’s Bernard Looney, as well as US ExxonMobil and Chevron, have managed to bury their heads even further in the sand. This was despite a series of shareholder rebellions, led by small campaign group follow this, suggesting that they may need to consider reducing their carbon footprint. Instead, oil companies decided to put the can on the road by signing up to cut emissions while drilling for more oil. I did it well.

Mark Zuckerberg with his avatar
Mark Zuckerberg with his avatar like Facebook changed his name to Meta. Photo: Reuters

Samuel Johnson National Award

The Trump family came in second in the race for “a bastard’s last refuge,” after Donald and Ivanka Trump He described the rioters who stormed the US Capitol as “patriots.” But neither of them managed to misunderstand the amazing love for the country as he rode an electric surfboard and waved the flag that shone like stars. Step up, Mark Zuckerberg! Facebook boss Post a 1 minute video on Instagram of himself on America’s Independence Day riding on water on an efoil board (about $ 10,000 per person) with the support of John Denver’s Country Roads.

This isn’t the only time Zuckerberg has used his public image as a billionaire nerd to dubious effect during 2021 – a joke about his robotic behavior fell through in private during a video announcing his rebrand on Facebook as Meta. I want dead Hosting the next generation of the Internet (It also gives you a useful excuse to distance yourself from controversies over your money-making social network.)

George Osborne Award for Being Totally Everywhere

The former UK Chancellor was relatively young when he was fired, so he quickly turned his hand around to occupy his time with as many other jobs as possible. (last seen this year: Investment banking work – in recognition, we assume, of his track record of shrewd financial management.)

This year, the campaign in his honor went to the entire private equity industry, which has managed to shift from a specialist interest in finance pages to owning what appears to be the bulk of British industry. Supermarkets (Morrisons), Pubs (Punch), Space (Cobham), Submarinos nucleares (Ultra Electronics) … There seems to be no door that a large amount of money cannot open, except LV =, a Mutual where ordinary people have a voice and vote in reality.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk, who boldly took the lead on the SEC acronym. Photograph: Mike Blake / Reuters

Wisconsin Tourism Association Award for Worst Acronym

The embarrassing reference to this award should go first to the man who became the world’s richest man earlier this year, Elon Musk. In retaliation for his punishment for stock manipulation, Musk hijacks the Securities Commission acronym, Twitter: “SEC, three letter acronym, middle word is Elon.”

But this year’s lesser-known starter award winners are NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which went mainstream in 2021. Essentially, take the ideal Wikipedia-style digital information model that can be infinitely shared (for example, a artwork or video).), and find a way to make it as rare and exclusive as in the physical world to make it Sell ​​at a big profit. There may well be have some use technology, but 2021 did not deliver it.

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Space students Branson and Bezos win Shameless Prize 2021 | Richard Branson